Yodomarin salad

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Yodomarin salad


crab sticks 1 pack 250 gr
canned seaweed 250 gr.
medium carrots 1 PC.
eggs 2 pcs.
mayonnaise taste
salt taste

Cooking method

  • Replenish the iodine deficiency in the body !!!
  • Grate raw carrots on a coarse grater, finely chop boiled eggs and crab sticks. Stir in seaweed. Season with salt and mayonnaise.
  • Fast, simple, tasty, and how useful !!!

The dish is designed for

2-3 servings

Time for preparing:

15 minutes

Ganya, do you have a fountain ?? Straight ready-made dinner, msyao and salad!
Well, that was dinner ... So - no fountain ... an ordinary day ...
I respect the marine theme ... especially algae, and we sell them very tasty in buckets by weight, they are made right in the sea, they are much tastier than cabbage in cans. I used to eat such a medicine, closing my nose, but this is another matter. Gasha, salad is really useful ... still a pile of this salad to expel internal viruses
Well Duc hto bothers us? Tyapnu?

And I also buy seaweed by weight ...
This is our favorite salad! I also add corn and fresh cucumber.
oh, healthy salad !!! and loose algae is possible? we sell tasty ones, better than in banks ...
You can, Light ... I'm just loose and buy
fine! I will definitely do it!
Oh, what an interesting salad! My mouth is full of saliva. I’ll go to the store and get some groceries. If I buy everything, I'll do it today.
The salad is delicious. I make from about the same combination of products, but layered.

If Gasha will not mind, then my almost similar salad:

Super delicious salad

Place all food in layers on a flat dish:

400 g of seaweed (weighed out with onions and vegetable oil);
2 onions, sautéed in vegetable oil;
a thin layer of mayonnaise;
200 g crab sticks, diced;
6 boiled egg whites, grated on a coarse grater;
a generous layer of mayonnaise

Decorate with finely grated yolks and a pattern of mayonnaise squeezed out of a bag.
Gasha, I've already done it. Very tasty! I did a similar one without crab sticks. But it tastes better with them. : bye: Thanks for the recipe!
Rusya, to your health !!!
Gashenka, well, the fact that I liked him is understandable, so last night my husband ate it too. I asked to repeat it today.
He's been plagued by heartburn lately, and this salad has gone surprisingly well (no problem). So that in the evening I will do again.
P.S. I put my mayonnaise, homemade.
Yes, Russenka, my peasants also eat it with pleasure

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