Lamb hedgehogs with buckwheat

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Lamb hedgehogs with buckwheat


minced meat (beef, lamb) 500-600 gr
(instant porridge) 1 tbsp (300 ml)
mineral water 1 st
1 tbsp sour cream + 2/3 tbsp boiling water
2 tablespoons ketchup / tomato paste

Cooking method

  • Add water, salt and spices to the minced meat, knead well. The minced meat should be quite liquid, but keep its shape. Add the cereal, mold the hedgehogs, put in the pan and fry a little. Dissolve sour cream and ketchup with boiling water, salt, season and pour the resulting sauce into the pan. Reduce heat to a minimum and simmer, covered, until tender.
  • I added ketchup to the mince instead of the sauce.

Yesterday I was looking for an interesting and not labor-intensive recipe for minced lamb, which was waiting for its fate in the refrigerator. I came across your "Hedgehogs". When cooking, I made some changes: I replaced the mineral water with tomato juice, added Georgian sauce instead of ketchup, and threw an egg into the minced meat. I cooked in a slow cooker on the Stew mode for 1.5 hours. It turned out very soulful. Children (young men - athletes) appreciated the dish. Thanks for the recipe!

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