Wheat-rye bread made from dispersed grain and cereals

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Wheat-rye bread made from dispersed grain and cereals


Wheat flour 250 g +3 tbsp. l.
Whole rye flour 170 g
Dispersed grain and groats
90 g
Whole oat grain
Wheat groats
Barley groats
30 g each
Curd serum 100 ml
Salt 8 g
Brown sugar 25 g
Vegetable oil
(unrefined sunflower)
3 tbsp. l.
Yeast 1.5 tsp.
Old sour cream 90 g
Bread spice mix (optional) 1 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • We soak the grain and cereals with water and let stand for 16-18 hours. Then we drain the water and break this mass with a blender to the state of a liquid gruel.
  • We put all the products in the bread maker and turn on the Dough mode and bring the dough to readiness.
  • We spread the dough on the table, fold the dough into an envelope 3 times, then mold it into a roll (like on a loaf) and put it in a mold, put it in the oven at 30 * C for proofing, until it doubles in volume.
  • Bake in the oven at 180 * C, and reduce to 165 * C when the crust is browned.
  • She greased the bread with olive oil on top and sent it to cool under a towel.
  • Soft, airy large-pored crumb and a thin crisp. Spices add some piquancy to the taste of bread. It tastes a bit like creamy bread - the presence of sour cream affects.
  • The dimensions of the finished bread are 40 cm, the weight of the bread is 935 grams.
  • Wheat-rye bread made from dispersed grain and cereals
  • Wheat-rye bread made from dispersed grain and cereals
  • Wheat-rye bread made from dispersed grain and cereals
  • Wheat-rye bread made from dispersed grain and cereals
  • Wheat-rye bread made from dispersed grain and cereals


Among the developments of the Scientific Research Institute of the baking industry is bread made from dispersed grain. The grain is thoroughly cleaned on a hulling machine, soaked for 16-18 hours, then passed through a kind of meat grinder - a disperser, where whole grains containing shells and embryos are ground. A homogeneous wet mass is obtained, which is used when preparing the dough. Such bread contains dietary fiber, fiber, and vitamins.

Admin, using your recipe, I also baked bread from dispersed grain.
However, with minor changes. And since I really liked the bread, I have several questions to work out the recipe and get not only tasty and healthy, but also beautiful bread at the end.

My version:
Wheat for germination - 95 g in dry form (washed, threw out the floating grains, there were few of them)
(after swelling, the weight of wheat is 163 g)
Wheat flour - 200 g.
Peeled rye flour - 170 g.
Kefir (replaced sour cream and whey) - 220 g.
Olive oil - 2 tbsp. l.
Salt - 1.5 tsp. (6 y.)
Brown sugar - 25 g.
Fresh yeast - 10 g.

I didn't use the spice mixture, I decided to try the natural taste of the bread.
Knead in cotton, baked in the oven. The gingerbread man was quite dense. I decided next time I will definitely do it completely in x / p on a whole grain mode. That's right, notes along the way.
During the proofing in the oven, the top of the bread has already begun to crack. What do you think, Adminwhy? Little water, too much yeast? Was the replacement of sour cream and whey with kefir justified from your point of view? Or is it quite a possible option?
Before baking, I smeared the top of the bread with yolk, I don’t know why, I will not do this anymore.
The top also sagged slightly. And at the proofer was a dome. These are my flaws.
I expected that the bread would have a rye flavor, but it tasted like whole grain.
I reduced the amount of salt by 2 grams in comparison with the original source, but in vain, you can have more salt, that is, like yours, 8 grams. And next time I will put 20 g of sugar (a little less), well, it's all for my taste.
The appearance of my bread is not very good for me, but I really liked the content! Very tasty bread, as if I will bake some more. And it's not so difficult, the main thing is to remember and soak the grain in time. Today is the second day of bread, I think it has become even tastier.
I would like, if possible, to receive your recommendations, Adminwhat do you think I did wrong.
Here's my bread:
Wheat-rye bread made from dispersed grain and cereals
Wheat-rye bread made from dispersed grain and cereals
Can you buy clean grain, soak it and crush it?
Tatjanka_1, just buy grain, soak it, and after 16-18 hours drain and grind. I did this with an immersion blender, added a little water from the recipe to make a gruel.
I also changed the water in the grain after 5-6 hours (while it was swelling), drained the one that had not been absorbed and refilled it with fresh.
An important addition: I bought "wheat grain for germination".
I baked a similar one yesterday:
Soaked 1 glass of wheat for 48 hours, twisted it in a meat grinder
300 ml. water
2 tbsp. l. oils
2.5 tbsp. l. agrus. jam (without berries)
3 tbsp. flour
0.5 tbsp. rye flour
1.5 tsp. salt
1.7 tsp yeast

I put it on dough, it turned out super! The family is delighted. This is what I was looking for, I don't like white rolls, but grain-yum! I will try the Admin recipe now.

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