Baklava from ready-made puff pastry

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Baklava from ready-made puff pastry


Yeast-free puff pastry 500 g
Chopped nuts 300 g
Sugar 200 g
Ground cinnamon 0.5 tsp
Egg 1 PC.
Oil drain. 100 g
For syrup:
Water 100 ml
Lemon juice 1 tbsp. l.
Honey 1 tbsp. l.
Sugar 100 g

Cooking method

  • Baklava from ready-made puff pastryDivide the dough into eight rectangles. If it is in two square sheets, we cut each into four squares, if in a roll, we cut it in half, and then we do the same: we cut each part in half lengthwise and across.
  • Baklava from ready-made puff pastryRoll out each part very thinly to the size of a mold (mine is 30 cm x 22 cm) and lay on its bottom, lined with baking paper.
  • Baklava from ready-made puff pastryLubricate the dough with pre-melted butter.
  • Baklava from ready-made puff pastryFor the filling, mix the nuts crushed in a blender with sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle the oiled dough sheet with three to four tablespoons of this mixture.
  • Baklava from ready-made puff pastryRoll out the next sheet of dough, put it on top, lightly "tamp" it, grease with oil, sprinkle with nuts. So we repeat until the last sheet, which we have not yet greased with anything, and cut the future baklava into rhombuses.
  • Baklava from ready-made puff pastryNow we grease the surface with a loose egg.
  • Baklava from ready-made puff pastryWe decorate each rhombus with half a nut and send the mold to preheated to 170about oven for 50 minutes.
  • Baklava from ready-made puff pastryWe cook syrup from water, sugar, lemon juice and honey - mix all the ingredients, bring to a boil and turn off. If you have a theory that honey should not be heated, you can add it last, after turning off the heat.
  • Baklava from ready-made puff pastryThis is what a baklava just taken out of the oven looks like.
  • Baklava from ready-made puff pastrySpill the baked baklava gently and evenly with hot syrup and leave to cool completely.
  • Baklava from ready-made puff pastry

Lorik, I'm crazy about you
Manya, Analogishna
There are already two of us!
Recipe, thank you!
What a good recipe !.
Oh! Oh oh oh! How I love baklava !!!
I love it very much, but I never thought that this baklava could be cooked at home.
And here is such a detailed and clear recipe! Wonderful recipe!
Larochka, thank you very much! What a baklava! Mmmm !!!
I love her very much. Thanks for the recipe.
We'll have to buy nuts.
Now I know what I'm going to do with last year's nuts. Thank you, Larissa, for such a simple recipe!
Prus - 2
Larissa, thank you! Daughter's favorite dessert! Now I can do it myself, super!
j @ ne
What a delicious beauty! In life, I would not dare to baklava, but everything is so detailed and from simple components - you have to do it! The recipe is a masterpiece, Larisa, thanks!
How many layers?
Oh, I read it. Got it.
Thank you girls very much! It is very pleasant that they slowed down at the recipe, looked in and appreciated.
dopleta, Larisa, thanks for the recipe !!!
I've been waiting for this all my life!
I really wanted to cook baklava, but it's a pity to waste a lot of time.
And here everything is simple and fast.
Quote: Elenka
I've been waiting for this all my life!
Wow, how I got there! To your health, dear! Indeed, it is very fast, not at all troublesome and very tasty.
And what nuts did they put? Not worth doing with peanuts? Eh, we'll have to fork out for walnuts. Maybe a mixture of nuts?
Ira, you can take absolutely any nuts, that's why I didn't specify in the recipe! Choose according to your taste.
Quote: dopleta

Wow, how I got there!
How I got it! Thank you very much from me, Larisa Sooo loves her husband baklava, now I myself will easily make a recipe under your guidance.
Larissa, thanks for the recipe! It's not just that I bought the nuts the other day.
dopleta, Larissa, I join with delight from the recipe! I will definitely bake!
Thank you girls! Well, bake! I'm looking forward to your photos.
baba nata
Larissa, thank you, I love baklava too!
But how would one do without an egg, what would be lean?
Well, don't grease it with an egg! There will be no beautiful ruddy sheen on top, and that's it!
baba nata
Well, yes, then, when I re-read the recipe again, I realized
Larissa, thanks for the recipe! The result is a very tasty baklava. Made with peanuts, decorated with walnuts, next time I will make with walnuts.
Quote: nakapustina
It turned out very tasty baklava
Hurrah! The first one went! Thank you Natasha !
ABOUT! Puff pastry baklava? In life I would never have guessed to do it! When I was young, I helped my companion's wife, an Azerbaijani, to cook baklava and remember how dreary it was to roll many layers of dough. Itself did not even try to repeat.
But now I will definitely try. Thank you, Larissa, for inexhaustible kicks to action
Larissa, just baked baklava. The sea of ​​delight, tasted warm, it is very, very tasty and so easy to prepare.
Thank you very much for such a pleasant review, Lena!
Larissa, finally I had the opportunity to bake baklava. Delicious!
Baklava from ready-made puff pastry
Baklava from ready-made puff pastry
Very beautiful baklava, Marina, bravo! I know what is delicious. Thank you !
Larissa, and it is also very convenient that the ingredients are calculated, cooking is easy and pleasant!
Larissa! Thank you very much for your recipe.
I never thought that I could bake baklava
Baklava from ready-made puff pastry
marbur, thank you for your feedback, I am very pleased! And it's especially nice that your first message was right here. Welcome to the forum!
Larissa, thanks for the recipe.
I baked a lean version, rolled it on a dough roll, reduced sugar, cut it crookedly, smeared it with oat cream on top, not as brightly as with an egg, but still very tasty.
Baklava from ready-made puff pastry
And to you, Marina, thank you for the original interpretation of the recipe! It looks very tempting!
Larissa, we all love baklava, but the purchased one is usually very sweet. Now, thanks to you, I can do it myself. Despite the free approach to the recipe, we are very pleased with the result.
Larissa, Thank you !

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