Dried prunes in the dryer Travolka

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Dried prunes in the dryer Travolka


Plum (Hungarian) 14 kg
Apple juice 10 liters
Sugar 3 Kg
Cinnamon 2 h l
Carnation 10 pieces

Cooking method

  • A huge branch of a plum broke because of the abundance of fruits. The plum is not yet ripe. After burning a little, sorry for the tree, I decided to make prunes.
  • She took out the bones without cutting the plum to the end. Then she poured a teaspoon of sugar into each cream.
  • I left it overnight to give the plum juice. Very little plum juice appeared, so I squeezed out 10 liters of apple juice through a juicer, anyway I have a lot of apples this year.
  • In a separate saucepan, she boiled the juice, added the remaining sugar, cinnamon, cloves and poured the plum with a boiling solution. She allowed the plum to cool completely in syrup and put the basins of plum on the fire. Brought to a boil. I measured the temperature with a thermometer not in the center of the pelvis, but along the edges up to 90 *. Interfered constantly, not allowing to boil.
  • She took it off the heat and left it to cool completely. Then she took out and laid out each plum on Travolka trays. The plum was dried for 20 hours. But I put the plum on separate pallets very tightly, now I will cool it and put this cream back to dry, it has not yet dried to the desired condition. I dried it at a temperature of 50 *, with interruptions after 10 hours I let it cool down, turned the plums over to the other side and turned it on again.
  • It turned out very tasty. Now I decided to remove the remaining drain (in order to avoid new damage to the tree).
  • Now I'm doing it according to a simplified scheme. She ripped the plum and poured it over with the syrup that remained from the previous batch. Pre-boiled the syrup and poured it boiling. Cooling now. Then I will report what happens.

I am reporting on a simplified version of the preparation of plums. As I wrote earlier, I took out the seeds from the plum and immediately poured the boiling syrup (apple juice + sugar + spices) with the remaining from the previous batch of prune preparation, that is, I did not pour a spoonful of sugar into each plum. Allowed to cool and brought to a boil again 90 *. I cooled and put the plums on the trays of the dryer, but to reduce the drying time, I unrolled each plum, like this.
The result was not pleasing. It turned out to be a very beautiful and very tasty dried plum, but this is not a Prune.
Hence, the conclusion.
1. It is still better to pour a spoonful of sugar into each plum, and then stand it when it gives juice. I had it at night. This is a short procedure, it took me about half an hour for 14 kg of draining.
2. It is better to dry the plum rolled up, then it retains the entire original volume, did not find a more suitable word.Do not overdry prunes.
3. Perhaps it seemed to me so, but it was the unripe plum that managed to retain the entire required volume of the fruit. Don't overcook the plums.
4. Steeping plums in apple juice gave a very tasty flavor to prunes. Before, I just filled the plums with sugar syrup.
I advise everyone to cook prunes. Very tasty, much better than the one on the market + You can be sure that it is a real plum without chemicals and all other troubles when dried open. At the same time, there is not much work. The biggest thing is to take out the bones, everything else is small.
Separately rolled up the apple-plum syrup. Delicious too.
Thanks for the recipe, there is a big harvest of plums this year. I must try to make prunes, otherwise I just dry.
yuli-ba, be sure to do, you will not regret it. It is really tasty and easy to eat, both in pies and in any other baked goods. Then share how it happened. Good luck.
Lyi, thanks, an interesting recipe
Quote: Lyi
It is better to dry the plum rolled up
I did not understand what it means "rolled up" ...
Quote: Nagira
I did not understand what it means "rolled up" ...
Nagira, can't find the right word. It is understood that when the plum is cut in half, and then the two halves are folded together (roll up, if the halves are cut only on one side), then you can get nearly whole plum.
I see many people simply dry plums, but this taste cannot be compared to if you do not regret a little sugar and a little more time to make real prunes. By the way, now the plum is already fully ripe, which means that 100g of sugar per kg of plum will be enough sugar and the stone can be simply squeezed out. Then sprinkle with sugar and bring to a boil, write longer than doing, and only then into the dryer. You will receive both prunes and wonderful syrup, which is useful in baking, soaking of cakes, and so on ...
Lyi, Thank you! I understand everything and I will try according to your recipe
Quote: Nagira
I will try according to your recipe
Nagira, good luck! Now prunes on sale are so expensive and, most importantly, with some foreign (chemical) aftertaste. But it's so easy to do. Apply a little handles and ... all that remains is to enjoy.

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