Banana Colada cocktail

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Banana Colada cocktail


banana (very ripe) 2 pcs
pineapple (freshly diced) 1 cup
Pineapple juice 1 cup
coconut milk (coconut cream) 1/2 cup
ice (cubes) 3 cups

Cooking method

  • Whisk all the ingredients for the cocktail in a blender.
  • Whipping is carried out in two stages - first, only the ingredients without ice, then ice is added and whipped all together, until the cocktail is completely homogeneous. The result should be a sweet, thick, soft drink with a characteristic creamy texture.
  • Pour the finished cocktail into glasses and garnish with pineapple slices.
  • Banana Colada cocktail

The dish is designed for

4 servings


cup = 240 ml

Check mark! Oh, how fragrant it is! A wonderful drink!
Quote: Mikhaska

A wonderful drink!
Yeah, Irin, it turned out wonderfully
I don't really like bananas, but in this combination they are incomparable
I, just, bananas are sooo even. But, helluva lot of their delights grow! I just smell what I'm cooking with ... But how I smell it !!!
Quote: Mikhaska
But how I smell it !!!
and even from this they grow?
Sometimes it seems to me that even if I look at them, I am already swollen ...
Maybe they should mix bananas with grape and stew someone? Irina, why do bananas smell? than? aff?
Galina, pineapple will go well as a counterweight to it from the group of grapes, so IrRRr is not afraid!
Gala, Thank you! !
I really want the entoy banana-colada imagined what it tasted like and lost peace
Quote: Loksa
why do bananas smell? than? aff?
They give off such a delightful smell, Oksanka! A-ah-ah-ah! especially if they smell from the Chuchelka banana pie, or after I put them in the micra for ripening! They smell like ... happiness! In! the whole apartment smells like it!
Mikhaska, Ira, wait a minute, bananas in micra at Ferris? My word is micra and cooking-tricks in it, already a mustache stand up, like that of that cartoon character, explain otherwise I can't sleep, I can't live!
Checkmark, as always incomparable I love something exotic, but not too confused dishes, and that would also be useful I will root for you at the competition
Quote: Chuchundrus

peace is lost
if you really want to, then you need to do it, especially since there is nothing to do here
Quote: Mikhaska
how I will put them in micra for ripening
Irina, and what is this method? How about sharing a trick with others?
Irin, don't be afraid. There is a cocktail for 4 servings, which means only half a banana is obtained for one, the rest does not give an increase.
Quote: Olya_

I love something exotic, but not too confused dishes, and that would also be healthy
Olga, I sometimes like to dabble, sometimes ... And so that useful ones, I also really respect
Quote: Loksa
Maybe they should mix bananas with grape
Oksana, then bananas will not win against grapes, but here we have a wonderful flavoring ensemble
Everything is simple there, girls! We shove bananas right in the skin into the micra. And we put on maximum power for a couple of minutes. We open - we look. If the skin is still hard and not very blackened, we again set it to cook for a couple of minutes. In short, I take them out when almost all the skin turns black. Cooling down. I'm cleaning. I use it as needed.
We do not sell overripe. Because, like this, I twist myself.
Irina, Well, thank you! I didn't know.
You don't need anything Check mark!
GalinaThis I joked, I know that bananas are friends with pineapples, strawberries and chocolates, and the gray poor fellow is a snack!Irinathank you boom know
Gala, a very interesting combination - I can imagine how delicious it is! Tempting ...
Marina, I recommend trying it. A very good combination!

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