Multicooker ENDEVER SkyLine MC-51, MC-52, MC-53, MC-54

Multicooker Endever SkyLine MC-51, MC-52, MC-53, MC-54 Multicooker Endever SkyLine MC-51, MC-52, MC-53, MC-54

The Endever SkyLine MC-51, MC-52, MC-53 and MC-54 multicooker is an excellent modern development of the "round" multicooker that has already become classics. The first multicooker had just such a round shape and are loved by many to this day, first of all, for their compactness and streamlining, which allows them, with a large bowl volume (5 liters), nevertheless, they can be easily placed in any kitchen.

Power, W): 900
Rated voltage (V): 220
Volume (L): 5
Temperature range: 30 ~ 160 ° C
Time for preparing: 5 minutes. - 12 hours
Timer (delayed start): up to 24 hours
Auto heating: cancellable
Colour: gray / silver
Dimensions (W * H * D): 28,5*28,5*29,5
Product weight (kg): 2,8
Additional functions: 12 automatic operating modes
Microprocessor control
Cooking time adjustment
Servings: 2-10
Multi-cook mode
Wear-resistant non-stick bowl coating
Thick heat-resistant walls
Contents of delivery: Removable pan
Steamer container
Cereal spoon
Power cable
User manual
Warranty card
Cookbook 333 recipes

Multi-cook mode allows you to independently set the time and temperature for cooking any dish, in accordance with your recipes and taste preferences.

Simmering mode

Exclusive languor modepresented in the Endever SkyLine multicooker has no analogues on the market. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that cooking does not go as usual on the stove or in the oven at an increasing temperature, but in the process of a slow, very long stewing with a gradually decreasing temperature. This mode creates conditions and simulates the cooking process typical for a Russian oven. Dishes prepared in this way have a completely unique taste and extremely delicate texture, and most importantly, this gentle regime preserves all the vitamins and useful nutrients in the food as much as possible.

Of the additional functions of the Endever SkyLine multicooker, it should be noted the ability to adjust not only the time, but also the cooking temperature on the programs Soup / Stew, Milk porridge, Fry, which allows you to perfectly adjust cooking process for each specific product, type of cereal and volume of food.

This model also provides the ability pre-canceling auto-heating... Now you can turn off the automatic heating not only after the end of cooking, but already during the program setting. This function is very convenient when there is no need to maintain the temperature of the finished food for a long time or in order to avoid unwanted heating after the end of the program.

Another important advantage of the multicooker is removable bowl with high-quality ceramic coating, which is characterized by high thermal conductivity and the best non-stick properties, allows you to cook food with minimal or no oil, while maintaining the natural taste and aroma of the dish. Ceramic coating is the safest non-stick coating on the market today.

In addition, the scope of delivery also includes the first book in Russia "333 recipes", which contains the best and proven recipes for multicooker. This book will help you master the skill of cooking in a multicooker, demonstrate its endless possibilities and benefits.

Functional features:

  1. Bright digital LED display
  2. 12 automatic programs
  3. Multi-cook mode with self-setting time and temperature for cooking any dish
  4. Additional temperature control on the programs Soup / Stewing, Milk porridge, Frying
  5. Cooking time range from 5 minutes to 12 hours
  6. Cooking temperature range from 30 to 160 ° С
  7. Snooze timer cooking up to 24 hours
  8. Auto heating after the end of the program until 24 hours
  9. Removable bowl with high quality ceramic non-stick coating "CERAMIC PRO"
  10. Preliminary cancellation of auto-heating
  11. Removable steam valve - ensures the escape of steam and excess moisture during cooking
  12. Removable condensate drip tray
  13. Convenient carry handle
  14. The combination of a large volume of the inner bowl (5 l) and a compact multicooker body
  15. Steel robust body
  16. Classic ergonomic design


removable pan

steamer container

cereal spoon


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