Yeast-free pizza dough "Flammkuchen from Alsace"

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Yeast-free pizza dough Flammkuchen from Alsace


Flour 200 g
Vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l.
Water 125 ml

Cooking method

  • Knead the dough from flour, oil, water and salt.
  • The dough should not stick to your hands!
  • Roll very thinly (I got an oval-shaped cake).
  • Preheat oven to 250aboutC.
  • Put the dough on a baking sheet, lay out. parchment paper.
  • Be sure to grease the dough after rolling with fat sour cream without cream, mmmm, and so gently ... and if also with cream ...
  • I change the filling at will.


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Of the yeast-free, we liked this dough the most. The recipe is very simple and quick to prepare.

Recipe photo from Omela

I have been baking this recipe for pizza for many years. this is the American version of pizza. when I roll out the dough, be sure to grease it before applying the filling with tomato sauce, water and vegetable oil. in the summer I take the skins from the tomatoes, so that nothing is lost. then the juice from the filling does not get on the dough and the dough is baked well. I peel the tomatoes, then they soften well and not dry. I take all sorts of fillings from sausages to broccoli. who likes what. I often cook chicken legs, chicken meat goes well for filling, with mushrooms - just super. these are the little secrets. maybe someone will come in handy.
Quote: julifera

Of the yeast-free we liked only Flammkuchen of Alsace, very simple and quick to prepare.
And be sure to grease the dough after rolling with fat sour cream, change the filling as desired.

Here is:

Yeast-free pizza dough Flammkuchen from Alsace

The dough is thin, crispy !!! julifera , forever I will remember your kindness !!!
Omela - I rejoice together with you! This is our favorite pizza !!!

200 g flour
2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil
125 ml water
200 g Crème double or very thick (at least 30% fat) sour cream
200 g onions
100 g smoked bacon or bacon
some cream (optional)
Knead the dough from flour, oil, water and salt.
The dough should not stick to your hands!
Roll very thinly (I got an oval-shaped cake).
Preheat oven to 250 ° C.
Put the dough on a baking sheet, lay out. parchment paper.
Cut the onion into very thin rings or half rings.
Cut bacon / bacon into thin strips.
Mix Crème double and cream and grease the surface of the dough with this mixture.
Top with onion and bacon / bacon.
Bake in a preheated oven for 15-20 minutes, so that the edges of the dough are slightly burnt (hence the name "Flammkuchen" - "seized by flame" cake.)

Serve very hot, very tasty with cold dry white Riesling (classic!) Or very light young red wine like Beaujolais.
Pretty A crook! I was also tempted by your magic dough ... What a blessing that you dragged it out into the light of God!
I baked a pizza in the Princess on your dough today. What a delicious pizza turned out, this is something!
The dough is tender, soft ... Delicious!
It turned out a little pale on top, but this is because the pizza is thin and the top does not have enough heat. It didn't spoil the pizza at all.
And, what a pleasant dough to work with!
Thank you from me and from my eaters!

Yeast-free pizza dough Flammkuchen from Alsace
Omela, if you make a double portion, then 2 times more water? Something my batter is very good
I wonder if somebody baked in the stove with a stone? As a result? The dough is wonderful
in addition to the classics described above, it is very tasty with
- green asparagus and boiled ham
- salted red fish and green onions.
I'll give my heart for Flammkuchen, better than any pizza :-)
auntyirisha, here, this someone now I am
Nobody baked a double portion?
Elena, I baked in the Princess, from a single portion I got two large pizzas with a diameter of about 30 cm each. If you make a double portion, then multiply everything by 2: 400g flour, 4 tbsp. l. oils, 250 ml of water, salt. The dough should not be liquid. Check if the grams and milliliters are measured correctly. Unsubscribe later. Roll the dough thinly.
auntyirisha, It turned out so yummy
Slim! Crunchy! How I love :) maybe I really measured something wrong, but then I added a lot of flour. I liked the 200gr oven. At 250, both the pizza and the paper turned black very quickly. Maybe because it's in stone.
julifera, thanks for the simple and delicious recipe
Rezlina, Elenahow much time did you bake?
auntyirisha, from the very beginning, when I put it on 250, it was so fried in 10 minutes! Together with the paper, yes, I baked on baking paper. And when you can see the stone has cooled down a little (I switched to 200), it became better. But also fast - 15 minutes. Yesterday it was very crispy. At night, I put it in a glass saucepan, it became soft, I warmed it in a micron, it is also very tasty for breakfast
Elena, thanks for the answer). I thought it would be faster. Did the filling run away?
Today the Princess appeared in my house and the first pancake was pizza with this yeast-free dough.
I decided to share the result and can advise something else.

I must say that I don't really know how to work with dough, about a year ago I mastered simple bread in a bread maker, and further experiments did not go much further. Today was the first pizza in my life only thanks to the Princess and this forum
It turned out delicious, but not really pizza. In general, my husband and I love pizza and compare it with a pizzeria. I came out thin and more like a dry dense cake. No elasticity and softness, although it was baked, pulled out easily. Then I read somewhere that this pizza at first has dry dough, like a crust (my case), but then cools down and becomes soft and elastic. I did not observe any changes, as the cake was, and remained.
Yeast-free pizza dough Flammkuchen from Alsace

Yeast-free pizza dough Flammkuchen from Alsace

I took 2 and 1/3 measuring cups of flour (there are no scales, so I tried to convert grams to ml), 3 tbsp. l. Olive oil (I think that's a bit too much) and 1/2 of the same cup of water. The dough was kneaded for 7-10 minutes in total, it took some more flour. I have no idea what it should be, maybe I didn't mix it up? well, it became possible to roll out the kneading so that it would not break, but I cannot say that it was very elastic and dense, although it stretched and rolled out easily. then she rolled it out on the table with flour, put it in the cold Princess, greased it with tomato sauce, sprinkled it with grated cheese, put large cherry slices, mozzarella and more grated cheese on top. It seemed to me that the grated cheese could not have been put on top, although it was delicious. Baked 15 minutes total time.

The main question is: is it possible to achieve a soft dough, like a real thin pizza? Is it possible in the Princess? I think next time, knead a little longer, put 2 tablespoons of butter, not 3, and bake for 10-12 minutes. What do you recommend, girls?
Something with the pictures did not work out for me. I'll try to figure it out
I figured it out, only the next time, apparently, the size must be larger. well for now
Quote: Nilda
Is it possible to achieve a soft dough like a real thin pizza?
for a yeast-free dough, the main thing is not to hammer it with flour, do not bake it, otherwise it will be a crouton ... ..
Thank you! I will try different options, I will report back when I get a good result.
I can't find now where, on what topic, someone said this recipe and advised me to leave this dough in the refrigerator overnight ... I got hooked on cold fermentation the next day, so I did it ...
Yesterday I baked a variation on the theme: I rolled the dough with my hands (very elastic, nice to work) into a circle with a diameter of 30 cm on a lightly oiled rug, transferred it to a cold princess (pizza oven), poured mozzarella from the heart, baked it for 15 minutes from cold and another 7 minutes in off
Deliciously delicious
Yeast-free pizza dough Flammkuchen from Alsace
Yeast-free pizza dough Flammkuchen from Alsace
Yeast-free pizza dough Flammkuchen from Alsace
This morning I baked a pizza according to this recipe, ate it away. Now I bake a second portion for those who did not get it, the dough is made at once, very plastic, and also tasty. Thank you!!!
As usual, a long time ago I had this recipe in my bookmarks, today it was hour X. I was interested in testing the dough itself, because there was not much toppings (cherry tomatoes, olives, a slice of sausage, a little cheese). Anointed with sour cream and ketchup. Hell in the Princess. I put it in a heated one. I kneaded the dough by hand, usually using a bread maker or blender, and then I decided to see how I could knead with the handles. Very fast and not difficult. I rolled it out on a non-stick mat, and transferred it to the PP on it. I don't know how you can get 2 pizzas from this portion, for the whole Princess a thin layer just turned out. We must try to make 2, only the oven is probably 7 minutes in total. I baked mine 15.
Wonderful miracle! Crispy, flaky dough. Delicious! Express! It turns out very quickly, if someone else helped to collect the filling, in general it would turn out with lightning speed in four hands.
I will definitely repeat!
Yeast-free pizza dough Flammkuchen from Alsace
AnastasiaK, Anastasia, beautiful pizza)
and the dough is really simple and easy and easy to knead with your hands
katko, Thank you! I was also pleased that even the cooled pizza remained crispy and flaky, did not soften from the filling. Delicious and fast is the advantage of this recipe.
Oh, how simple and I can imagine how delicious! Thanks to the author and the recipe! I'll bake it tomorrow.
I can't resist ... I went to make the dough! And it for the night in a bag and in the refrigerator?
Looks very tasty! How many I have not tried to cook, it does not turn out tastier than I order from tambov. on house.
julifera, thank you so much for the recipe! My husband and I were in a pizzeria and ordered a "4 cheese" pizza, the dough was thin, but I usually make yeast and the dough is thick. My husband began to ask to make him such a thin one ... I was looking for a recipe and accidentally found yours.
I cooked dough for the night, made one in the morning - they took it to nature, I liked it, but they ate it already cooled down.
On the second day, that is, yesterday (from the same dough) I made 2 more pieces - they ate hot - it's just a bomb !!!!
And I still have 1 pizza dough left.
Thus, from the portion indicated in the recipe, 2 pizzas are obtained.
Yes, I forgot to say that I baked in the princess. The bottom is crispy, tasty, but not rubbery.
Filling: greased the dough itself: fresh tomatoes without skin + homemade mayonnaise (just a little) + syrup of pickled plums + salt, dry seasonings. As a filling: sprinkled with cheese on top of the spread, then: mushrooms, sausage, a little cheese (I also added a little blue cheese for piquancy), slices of tomato without a skin and again cheese.

Made on baking paper and transferred to a well-heated princess (warmed up for exactly 5 minutes). Baked for 10-12 minutes. The cheese melted well. Delicious!!!!!! There is no photo, because they just snatched it out from under the hands!

The dough can be stored in the refrigerator not for a day, but more, it's checked!

Once again, many thanks !!!!
Well, who would give such a treat to be photographed ?! They snatched it straight out of my hands, with a smoke! And after all, it's not even hot, of course, it's only tea that mom should dilute with cold water, and pizza ... whoever goes ahead, that slippers pizza
Indeed, the edges are slightly burnt and tasty, the base crunches - a dream, not a pizza!

julifera, many thanks!
Yeast-free pizza dough Flammkuchen from Alsace
there was only CH flour at home
my email oven for 235 minutes in 7 blackened the edges)) sour cream was not a thick layer
generally delicious
but with CH flour and type it is useful
Thanks for the recipe, I'll try it today. One thing is not clear))) Category: Yeast bread)))
Delicious pizza turned out! Thank you

Yeast-free pizza dough Flammkuchen from Alsace
Baked in Travola
Yeast-free pizza dough Flammkuchen from Alsace

I was not impressed by the "American cake".
Easy, fast and not confusing. Snacks are okay. Probably it was necessary to put it in a hot stove or grease it with sour cream more abundantly.

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