Wild pear jam

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Wild Pear Jam


1 kg. wild pears
1 kg. Sahara
200 ml white wine
juice of one lemon

Cooking method

  • Frequently prick washed pears with a fork and blanch in boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Cool quickly in cold water.
  • Prepare syrup from sugar and wine. Pour the pears with boiling syrup and leave to soak for a day.
  • Cook in several steps for 10 minutes, in the intervals between boils, let it brew for 12 to 24 hours.
  • Add lemon juice before the last cooking.


Irisha's recipe-I-ri-sha ( 🔗). Many thanks to the author!

Delicious jam, I recommend!

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Wild Pear Jam

I did not prick the pears, but cut out the place of the flower. Everything else is strictly according to the recipe.
The syrup is delicious, especially with ice cream
And only wilds will do or "domestic" ones too? Maybe then you don't need to blanch them, but cut them into pieces and send them straight to the syrup?
If "homemade" pears with dense pulp, then definitely you can! But if the pears are soft, overripe, let me offer you something else from them? For example, incredibly delicious jam made of pears with poppy seeds ... or pears with cinnamon and lemon ... all the recipes were naturally tasted by me personally ...
Krosh, let's share the recipes, the more small pears they promised to give me soon, but I refused - I don't know what to do with them. There will be a recipe - they will bring them for sure
HOORAY!!! Grand merci !! I will be glad to any recipe, if with cinnamon and lemon, I can imagine, then with poppy seeds
Just tomorrow I will do it, today it will not work, because the holiday of the Beheading of John the Baptist and according to folk customs, it is advisable not to cut anything with a knife today, especially a round one ...
Innochka, the beginning of the second - no wine, but the pears have been brought. Until I can wait, I made a syrup with water, I already set it to infuse. In the morning I'll go to the store - which wine is better?
Quote: kartinka
which wine is better?

I found someone to ask)))) ...

I don't use the word at all).

Marishechka, KMK can also use inexpensive wine from packages).

I am Abkhazian Psou added). The bottle was open).
Crumb, Innochka! It has been worth a couple of days - I think another day and that's it? There will be 3 weldments. Today I tried one - it seems still necessary. Very tasty, but the question is how to store it. Will there be a lot of sugar under a nylon lid at room temperature? Or roll up?
And another question - if you replace a lemon with a lemongrass, how much should you put it? The store is over here, but I don't want to go to the city today or tomorrow (I'm making tea)

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