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Choosing a lipstickRepresentatives of the stronger sex have their own assessment of female attractiveness and beauty. They primarily look at the lips, and not at the chest or legs. Every man has his own taste. Some people like thin lips, while others like sensual ones. Many beautiful halves are well aware of this. In this regard, they spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Any of us must be able to favorably emphasize the natural and beautiful nature in the lips. This can be done in two ways. First of all, you need to be able to correctly select the tone of lipstick, taking into account the color of the outfits. In addition, you need to know how to properly paint your lips.

Finding your shade is extremely difficult. Indeed, in our time, the choice is huge. High-quality lipstick should not roll and flow, it should be persistent. In addition, lipstick should make the lady more attractive and nourish the skin of the lips with useful substances.

Types of lipsticks... The most common type of lipstick is classic, when a lipstick rod is twisted out of a cylindrical case. In most cases, these lipsticks are easy to remove, very convenient to use and practical.

As for dry lipstick, it comes in wide and flat jars. It is applied using special applicators. These lipsticks do not wear off for a long time and are very stable. However, they contain a huge number of dyes.

Regarding creamy lipstick, it should be said that it can be purchased either in a tube or in a jar. You can apply it with brushes or with your finger. It has a gorgeous shine and contains almost no dyes. The negative nuance is instability.

Choosing a lipstickLiquid lipstick is in cylindrical bottles, similar in design to a bottle for mascara. It gives the lips volume and shine, softens the skin. However, before applying it, you need to make the contours of the lips with a pencil.

The resistant look means a twisting rod. This lipstick is applied without problems. However, you should not use it if your lips are too dry or damaged.

The pencil lipstick is very easy to use and very light. It is used as a regular or as a contour.

Competent color selection... This is not an easy task. Start with a dab of lipstick on your fingertips. It will be much easier if you visit the salon. There, an experienced professional will run a series of tests and name the colors that work best for you. Most of the beautiful halves are guided only by their own taste. You need to figure out what works for you. For example, for plump lips, all neutral tones are the best option.

If you have thin lips, then it is advisable for you to use a light lipstick. In this case, hair color must be taken into account. For example, with platinum and blond hair, the cappuccino color, pinkish and lilac shades look great. If you have golden hair, your best bet is to choose a coral, apricot or peach color lipstick. Skin color is also important. For example, for dark skin it is best to choose terracotta tones. Cinnamon can be used by redheads.

Some ladies prefer custom colors. However, you need to be more careful with them. If, for example, you choose a rich orange color, then even white teeth will appear yellow against its background. Older women are not advised to use a pure matte color. Add some gloss to the lips to get a softer shade. If you don't have time to think about which lipstick to use, choose a creamy pink tone. It gives the lips softness and refreshes.

It is advisable for you to use a balm every day. It can be applied either over lipstick or without lipstick. In the first case, the color will become more saturated, it will give off rainbow shades.

Texture... It is expressed in three colors: mother-of-pearl, matte and gloss. Matt color is always expressive and intense. However, it makes the lips very dry. As for mother-of-pearl, it has different shades, it can be anything. However, it is only suitable for those beautiful halves who have smooth lips. Keep in mind that mother-of-pearl highlights all the cracks and grooves on the lips. Regarding lipstick with gloss, we can say that it perfectly moisturizes the lips, but quickly leaves them.

Texture... It is divided into three types: hygienic, moisturizing and nourishing.

Moisturizing lipstick is softening and lightweight. The color of such lipsticks always has a shine and is very rich. Modern moisturizing lipsticks contain sunflower and castor oils, avocado and cocoa oils. However, such lipsticks wear off quickly, and in winter they dry out lips all the time.

For a frosty winter, you can recommend a nourishing lipstick. It contains a large amount of wax, which protects the skin from cracking. Along with it, it is good to use a contour pencil.

Hygienic lipstick is essential for everyone. Its task is to protect and nourish the lips. In winter, it perfectly heals and moisturizes chapped skin. In addition, this lipstick protects from ultraviolet radiation.

Lipstick ingredients... It should include wax, oils, ceramides, vitamin E, aloe and other essential substances. Otherwise, she will dry her lips. Any lipstick should have ultraviolet filters in it, which is necessary at any time of the year.

Shelf life... If you store your lipstick under the recommended conditions, it will most likely last for two years. It should be kept in a dark place. If you carry lipstick with you in the heat, then after 3 months it will have to be thrown away.

Lipstick smell... The scent should be attractive. Some lipsticks are fragrance-free. If the lipstick starts to smell unpleasant or has lost its smell, then this indicates that some ingredient has deteriorated. So the lipstick should be thrown away.

Appearance... In order to assess the condition of the lipstick, pay attention to its column. It should not contain cracks, dents, color changes and smudges.

Apply lipstick... First, wash off the rest of your previous makeup. When you apply a new layer, blot it a little with a tissue. If you are used to using liquid or moisturizing lipstick, then you should definitely have a contour pencil. Do not forget that lipstick somehow ends up in the body. So choose a lipstick free of dangerous ingredients.

E. N. Kassirova

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