Moulinex Uno Metall OW310E30. Bread Maker Specifications


Model: OW310E30
Warranty 2 years
Model series

 characteristics of the Moulinex Uno Metall OW310E30 bread machine

Series Uno
Model OW3010
Baking weight
Maximum baking weight 1000 g
The form
Non-stick coating Yes
Detachable form Yes
Square baking dish Yes
Operating modes
Baking programs 10 prog.
Dough preparation Yes
Making a cupcake Yes
Jam making Yes
Fast baking mode Yes
Control type electronic
Digital display 1
Power on indication Yes
Indication of program steps Yes
Ind. time until the end of the program Yes
Choosing a baking size 500/750/1000 g
Choice of crust color 3 options
Support. pace. after baking 60 minutes
Delay start up to 15 hours
Save programs without power up to 7 minutes
Security systems
Childproof mode Yes
Viewing window Yes
Body material plastic
Power supply
Max. power consumption 650 Wt
Book of recipes Yes
Beaker Yes
Measuring spoon Yes
Color, dimensions and weight
Colour White Red
Overall dimensions (H * W * D) 30 * 33 * 24cm
Weight 5.8 kg
Programs: regular bread, French bread, sweet
bread, quick baking, pizza dough, jam
fresh dough, yoghurt bread, pastries,
whole flour bread
A country PRC


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