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The woman who smokesNow, apparently, everyone knows that smoking is harmful. There are well-known medical observations indicating that smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, stomach ulcers, endarteritis and other diseases that permanently disrupt the rhythm of normal life and lead to disability. But smoking is especially dangerous for a woman. A pale, almost sallow face, yellow teeth, the smell of nicotine from the mouth and from the fingers - this is the unattractive look of a woman who smokes. But this is not the main thing. Smoking harms not only the health and appearance of a woman, it is detrimental to her unborn child.

Harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke can penetrate the fetus through the placenta and have a toxic effect on it. Some may argue: after all, the placenta has the ability to retain harmful substances that penetrate the mother's body. This is true, but it delays them up to a certain limit. Nicotine quickly penetrates the placental barrier and soon after a cigarette is smoked it appears in the tissues and blood of the fetus.

The woman who smokesIt is clear that in such conditions it develops poorly. Nicotine contributes to the narrowing of the vessels of the uterus and placenta, and this, in turn, leads to a violation of the uteroplacental circulation, the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. This is why women who smoke during pregnancy, miscarriages and premature births are more common. Statistics show that children born to women who smoke are notable for their small body weight and low resistance to infections.

These newborns are more likely to get sick acute respiratory and viral infections, pneumonia. They suffer not only physical, but also mental development; they are slower to develop mentally, and at school age have lower academic performance than children born to nonsmoking women.

If a woman smokes while breastfeeding, nicotine passes into the milk. It acquires an unpleasant taste and smell, which is why the newborn sucks sluggishly, or even completely refuses to breast. Often such women lose milk early, and the child has to be fed artificially, depriving him of the most nutritious nutrition - mother's milk.

The woman who smokesSome women quit smoking during pregnancy and lactation, but then take up cigarettes again. However, if a child breathes tobacco smoke, this also does not pass without a trace for him. Cigarette smoke contains nicotine, carbon monoxide, or carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrocyanic acid and other harmful impurities.

They negatively affect all vital organs, the nervous system of adults and especially children, whose growing organism is sensitive to all unfavorable environmental factors. In a child who regularly inhales tobacco smoke, the supply of oxygen to the tissues is significantly reduced. Such children do not sleep well, their appetite worsens, they become irritable, capricious.

Remember this and young girls, and mothers, and grandmothers. Do not put yourself and your children in danger.

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