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Past experiences with insomnia"Sleepless" was the name of our ancestors one of the twelve feisty sisters who can cause many diseases. “The sisters, evil, thin, ugly and simple-haired, walk around at night in bast shoes with sticks, knock on the window with a stick, whoever responds to their knock, they will stick to that. Each has its own taste, each of them endures forever this or that suffering. One shivers from the cold, the other tosses about in the heat, the third writhes with aching bones. Attacking a person, they make him suffer with them. One beats off food, the other drives sleep, the third sucks blood, the fourth pulls the veins ... Their names are: Lomikha, Ognikha, Tryasovikha, Zheltyanitsa, Gorchikha, Bessonikha. "

How could people fight Insoni? By the power of the word alone. The conspiracies of healers. Here is one of them, it was pronounced under the chicken nest:

“Kurushka, chicken, take insomnia, and give your sleep, calm down, kindly calm down, the servant of God (name). In the name of father and son and holy spirit. Amen".

There is an echo of church influence in this conspiracy. But the next one is addressed to the forces clearly pagan.

“And you, midnight night, envious, joyful, timeless, from an evil person, go to mosses, to swamps, to rotten logs: you all belong there, you will not be in a white body. Go from the white body of the slave (name). "

The centuries-old experience of the people has selected and successfully applied such means, the mechanism of action of which is still not fully understood by medicine. However, they did their good job, and are still very effective. Some of the medical advice of the late nineteenth century today can only cause surprise.

“In the case of passive insomnia, stimulants are recommended: a strong English bread vodka known as 'whiskey', easily tolerated by the stomach, one or two glasses of Torragen wine at lunch, and a March beer. A nice help in this case is a cup of strong coffee taken at night. "

These are the anecdotal recommendations the patients received from the doctor. It's even hard to believe it!

We read in another old manual:

“More or less healthy subjects can be cold doused exclusively on the head. In Tibet, for example, the following custom is still practiced: when mothers want to put their children to bed, they put their heads under a cold stream of water, after which the children fall asleep soundly.

Most likely, this dubious Tibetan story was written by an ardent adherent of the already mentioned theory, according to which sleep is the result of spasm of the cerebral vessels. To cause it, this doctor suggests, and you need to pour cold water on your head. However, practice shows that dousing your head with cold water is the best way to get rid of drowsiness ...

Today, a man drives the malevolent Bessonikha away not with verbal suggestion or with a glass of whiskey. Insomnia is confronted by a wide front of modern medicine, which has selected the best from the experience of the people and has a diverse spectrum of possibilities.

If the number of diseases leading to sleep disturbance is multiplied by the infinity of the variety of human personalities, the result will be the number of possible variants of insomnia. It is because of this that information about insomnia is scattered in the medical literature in books related to literally all areas of medicine. It is described in manuals on psychiatry as a leading symptom of neuroses as a result of severe stress. In general, sleep disorders join almost all mental illnesses - this is the kind of insomnia that psychiatrists deal with. For an endocrinologist, insomnia will be a sign of a malfunctioning thyroid gland. For a therapist - a symptom of hypertension or coronary heart disease.For an otolaryngologist - a complication associated with severe forms of many diseases of the ear, throat and nose. Almost all patients who go to see a neurologist complain of insomnia. Doctors of all specialties are faced with insomnia in one way or another. For each of them, it has its own face, its own characteristics.

Past experiences with insomniaAnything can serve as the impetus for the onset of insomnia - excessive activity and sluggish vegetation without vivid impressions; overeating (especially at night) and malnutrition; falling in love and disappointed in love; prolonged loneliness and tiredness from excessive communication; lack of entertainment and an excess of them; the absence of a family and those endless worries that our loved ones sometimes require from us. Insomnia occurs in a person who, by the nature of his activity, is on the road all the time, and whoever sits down at the table in his office day after day opens the same folders; not immune from it, and working in the service sector, who is attacked all day long by different people - demanding, hurried, often agitated and irritated.

Homeopaths distinguish between insomnia from uplifting and insomnia from upsetting. Insomnia, associated with quiet, hopeless sadness, and insomnia, accompanying deep melancholy, are especially distinguished. The harmful effects of sudden and excessive joy are described.

A special place is occupied by insomnia, which develops as a result of exhaustion in lean, irritable and restless people. If mental work is the cause of exhaustion, this is one form of the disease, another - in those suffering from abuse of entertainment, when insomnia is combined with a breakdown, pain in the base of the brain, radiating to the back of the head or shoulder, depression of the spirit and tremors throughout the body. Highlighted insomnia in people driven to despair by the circumstances of life, and even insomnia caused by a binge or a late hearty dinner.

It is simply impossible to imagine a situation that the compilers of homeopathy manuals would not have envisioned. So strictly classifying it, homeopaths offer in each case special treatments.

Modern medicine uses almost all of its arsenal for this - from physiotherapy exercises to surgery and from massage to synthetic drugs. And could it be otherwise if difficulty falling asleep and sudden awakening in the middle of the night, combined with vague anxiety and fear of death, are almost certainly symptoms of a violation of the blood supply to the heart muscle - coronary heart disease, angina pectoris. It is necessary to treat such insomnia with drugs that improve coronary circulation. Profuse night sweats that interfere with sleep is most often a symptom of a latent or overt infection - which means antibiotics are needed here. If, as is often the case, insomnia accompanies respiratory diseases, then treatment will be aimed specifically at combating them. Anatomical features that lead to airway blockage at night can sometimes only be removed surgically. Surgery for insomnia! Strange as it sounds, it is possible.

So, medicine helps and will help those who suffer from insomnia. But many methods are available to anyone and can be performed independently. They will help if you have:

  • functional insomnia caused by excessive fatigue, excessive excitement;
  • situational insomnia associated with a violation of the stereotype of sleep, the ritual of falling asleep, an unfavorable environment;
  • biorhythmiological insomnia, which has arisen due to the contradiction between local time and own biorhythms.

Past experiences with insomniaThis does not mean that you need to refuse medical help, on the contrary, both will be harmoniously combined. For those who have already started treatment, mobilizing their own strength will help to minimize the intake of medication. For the rest, he will demonstrate the possibility of getting rid of the impending threat of insomnia by rational organization of his life.

In today's therapy, synthetic drugs have practically overshadowed all other means of combating ailments in their effectiveness. What could be easier than taking a pill? Ideal for those who do not want to spend time keeping in good shape. Indeed, why engage in physical education when you can shift the responsibility for your health onto the shoulders of doctors? Unfortunately, it won't work. Even the most effective hypnotics do not completely eliminate insomnia; the body gradually gets used to them, more and more doses are required, and because of
this leads to various complications. If your body is untrained, its adaptive capabilities are low, then you will not be able to break out of the vicious circle of diseases.

It makes a lot of sense to revise the experience of the past from a modern perspective. Yes, something about it is outdated, outdated and can even bring a smile. But it is worth taking a closer look at a lot, selecting everything that will be useful to a modern person.

Often, Chinese doctors, using acupuncture and massage of acupuncture (acupuncture) points, did without drugs. The art of proper breathing in accordance with the guidelines of Indian yogis helped against insomnia. The European system of natural remedies has been successfully applied and is still being applied, which includes specially recommended nutrition, dosed exposure to the sun, air, water, as well as various forms of massage and physical education.

It would be an unforgivable mistake to lose all this valuable experience.

P.P.Sokolov - Victory over insomnia

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