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Thinking about buying a bread maker? Are you looking for an opportunity to purchase it in an online store? This household appliance is no different (except for the functions it performs) from the same washing machine or hob, and the selection strategy is absolutely the same here. How much space it takes, what it can do, and how much does it cost - these are perhaps the most important questions to be answered.


1. These miracle stoves are very different from each other, and first of all - in their size. Compact small models are capable of making bread weighing up to 500 grams, while their larger counterparts cook one or even one and a half kilograms of bread at a time. The dependence of the size of the bread on the size of the model is very clear - therefore, first of all, decide how much bread you need and how often. Don't worry about surplus - models that can bake 1.5 kg bread can also bake a smaller one of your choice.


2. Modes of operation. There can also be many of them - in expensive devices, or few - in cheap or low-power ones. By modes we mean that bread maker "Knows" how to do: baking different types of bread, <presence of a special mode for black bread, kneading dough, making jams and preserves. Kneading the dough is a very useful option: you just add the ingredients, and after a while you get a ready-made dough for pizza, cookies or something else. In this regard, it will be useful to add additional ingredients - sunflower seeds, chocolate, nuts - manually or automatically, using the built-in tank.


3. Timer, sound signal, control window, memory. Additional options that make it easier to work with the device range from a trivial viewing window to the presence of a child protection system and an overheating control function. The last two, however, can be found only in very expensive models, but the rest are quite affordable in the middle price range. For example, a bread maker Moulinex OW2000 Home bread is able to give a sound signal when the bread is ready, in case of a power failure, it “remembers” the program that was running for 7 minutes and keeps the bread hot for some time after the actual baking has already ended. The timer is also a very useful thing - you can load the ingredients into the bread maker much earlier and use the timer to set the start time of the device. With a window, it’s clear - it plus internal lighting will allow the most curious to control the entire baking process from start to finish.

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