Technical characteristics of the Rolsen RBM-1480 bread machine

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Technical characteristics of the Rolsen RBM-1480 bread machine

Battery 220-230V ~ 50 / 60Hz
Maximum power, W 815
Volume, l 2 - 3 (1000-1500 gr.)
Body material metal with glass panel
Automatic programs 11
Turn-on delay timer, hour 13
Temperature support function, min 60
Power off memory +
LCD display +
Touch control +
Crust browning degrees 3
Choosing the size of the bread +
Window in the lid +
Included beaker
teaspoons and tablespoons
Note a removable baking dish with a non-stick coating, two kneading paddles.

The Rolsen RBM-1480 bread maker is a great way to experiment and try your hand at making bread according to dozens of different recipes with all kinds of useful additives (11 automatic programs). In addition, you can enjoy fresh buns whenever you want.

The new model ROLSEN RBM-1480 has a delay timer for turning on the program up to 13 hours: in the evening they loaded the dough into the bread maker, and in the morning, waking up, they received fresh hot bread. This model even has a mode that allows you to choose the color of the crust. Special functions provide the ability to put the necessary additives into the dough, keep the baked goods hot until the required moment, or prepare bread at an accelerated rate.

The kit includes a measuring cup, a spoon and a recipe book, which will allow you to pamper your household with new delicious dishes every day. Reliable, skillful, beautiful, and at the same time equipped with enough software to work wonders.

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