Technical characteristics of the Rolsen RBM-1320 bread machine

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Technical characteristics of the Rolsen RBM-1320 bread machine

Battery 220-230V ~ 50 / 60Hz
Maximum power, W 580
Volume, l 1.5-2 l (750-1000gr)
Body material metal case with plastic panel
Automatic programs 13
Turn-on delay timer, hour 13
Temperature support function, min 60
Power off memory +
LCD display +
Electronic control +
Crust browning degrees 3
Choosing the size of the bread +
Window in the lid +
Included teaspoon and tablespoon
Note removable non-stick baking dish

Sometimes you really want fresh aromatic bread. Now it's easy and simple! Modern bread makers Rolsen RBM-1320, will not only facilitate and speed up the cooking process, but will also serve as a decoration for your kitchen.

Stylish, compact and easy to use - this is what modern housewives have noticed so often! Functional and high quality - what makes your bread deliciously unforgettable! Rolsen RBM-1320 13 different automatic programs to help you make your culinary fantasies come true. The removable non-stick mold makes cleaning the appliance much easier, there is also a measuring cup, measuring spoons and other handy tools. Power 580 W.

Through the viewing window in the lid, you can always observe the progress of the process. The bread maker automatically kneads all the ingredients while ensuring strict adherence to the time intervals and creates the ideal conditions for the dough to rise. In the bread maker, you can bake not only "classic" white bread made from wheat flour, but also healthy bread made from bran flour or from several types and varieties of cereals.

For example, bread with the addition of buckwheat, corn, and oat flour, flour from sprouted wheat is very useful and tasty - this is a storehouse of vitamins A, B, C, etc. You can also bake special bread (bread with mushrooms, carrot bread, bread with sesame seeds, dill bread) and delicious bread for tea (bread with yogurt, cranberry, orange bread, bread with peanut butter). Homemade bread is without a doubt tastier and healthier.

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