Technical characteristics of the Rolsen RBM-530 bread machine

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Technical characteristics of the Rolsen RBM-530 bread machine


Battery 220-230V ~ 50 / 60Hz
Maximum power, W 560
Volume, l 1 l (500gr)
Body material plastic
Automatic programs 8
Turn-on delay timer, hour 13
Temperature support function, min 60
Power off memory +
LCD display +
Electronic control +
Crust browning degrees 3
Window in the lid +
Included teaspoon and tablespoon, measuring cup, recipes
removable non-stick baking dish
The modern RBM-530 bread maker from Rolsen Electronics is designed to facilitate and decorate our everyday life. It will allow you to delight your loved ones day after day with fresh homemade baked goods without tedious hassle. The bread makers are fully automated and withstand temperature, time, baking modes with perfect accuracy, while they are very easy to use. Dishes that seemed rather oddities for everyday home cooking will become frequent guests in your home.
The model is equipped with a turn-on delay timer up to 13 hours: in the evening they loaded the ingredients for the dough into the bread maker, set the start time, and in the morning, waking up, fresh hot bread is already waiting for you. Special functions provide the ability to put the necessary additives into the dough, keep the baked goods hot until the required moment, or prepare bread at an accelerated rate.
One of the most convenient functions of the RBM-530 bread maker is making yeast dough. When this function is selected, the bread maker automatically kneads all the ingredients, while ensuring strict adherence to the time intervals and creating special conditions for the dough to rise. The whole cycle, from kneading the ingredients to the risen dough, takes about 1 hour. The model is equipped with: LCD display, which will provide all information about the oven settings, time and the current state of the process of baking bread or rolls, electronic control and a viewing window on the lid - this will make baking easy and fun.

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