There would be a reason

There would be a reasonThe tradition of celebrating meetings with friends with drinks, seeing off, arranging banquets for colleagues on the occasion of the anniversary, awarding an honorary title, promotion and even ending with a libation of a business meeting, unfortunately, has become widespread.

Prevention of atherosclerosis should be started in childhood

Prevention of atherosclerosis must be started in childhoodAtherosclerosis is considered a disease of the elderly. Indeed, the formidable complications of this disease - ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage - most often occur in elderly people.

Those who are about to quit smoking

For those who are about to quit smokingThe dangers of smoking are written and talked about quite often and a lot. Unfortunately, anti-nicotine propaganda is not always effective enough.

Prevention and treatment of flat feet

Prevention and treatment of flat feetNowadays, health-improving walking and jogging are becoming more and more popular. Of particular importance in these cases is the functional state of the lower limbs, their capacity.

Features of nutrition for coronary heart disease

Features of nutrition for coronary heart diseaseIschemic heart disease (CHD) is the most common cardiovascular disease. The most severe manifestations of this disease are acute myocardial infarction and angina pectoris.

Pain generators

Pain generatorsBumping into a needle or touching a hot surface, a person immediately withdraws his hand. Tooth pain prompts you to see a doctor. These examples illustrate physiological pain, which the ancient Greeks called "the watchdog of health."


CapillarotoxicosisAmong children there are patients with capillarotoxicosis (hemorrhagic vasculitis). In some of them, the disease proceeded for a long time, in waves, often exacerbating and accompanied by complications.


FelonWhat is felon? Literal translation of the Latin word panaricium - nail eater. Currently, this term refers to acute purulent inflammation of the tissues of the finger.


SinusitisOn each side, the paranasal sinuses are adjacent to the nasal cavity. The maxillary, or maxillary, sinuses are named after the English physician and anatomist N. Haymore, who first described them in the 15th century.

The future of prostaglandins

The future of prostaglandinsFourteen unsaturated fatty acids are now the prostaglandin family. These biologically active substances attract the closest attention of specialists. They have become the subject of discussion at symposia, international conferences; an international congress was dedicated to them, which was held in Singapore in 1976.

How we breathe

How we breatheRespiration is a set of vital physiological processes occurring in the human body. Thanks to them, the body absorbs oxygen from the air and emits carbon dioxide. And oxygen, as you know, is a source of energy.

Vitamin food in winter

Vitamin food in winterQuite satisfying and tasty food sometimes turns out to be incomplete if it contains little or no substances called vitamins.

Appetite suppressants

Appetite suppressantsThousands of people want to lose weight. And no wonder. Urbanization, automation of many production processes, the use of mechanisms that facilitate human labor, the development of urban and industrial transport, the expansion of areas of work that do not require significant physical stress, have led to a noticeable change in the lifestyle of a modern person.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitisThis disease most often develops unexpectedly and at first glance for no reason. But this is only at first glance. Analyzing the medical history of this or that patient, you are often convinced that he himself, through ignorance or negligence, contributed to the development of the disease.

How the olfactory image is formed

How the olfactory image is formedWho does not know about the remarkable ability of dogs to find a person or things belonging to him by smell? There is no doubt that in terms of smell, it is difficult for me with a dog and many other animals to compete.

Outstanding physiologist Leon Abgarovich Orbeli

OrbeliThe name of Leon Abrarovich Orbeli (June 25, 1882 - December 9, 1958) is associated with major discoveries in the field of physiology of the central nervous system, the higher nervous activity of humans and animals, the sensory organs of the autonomic nervous system, and digestion.

The boundaries of the physiological capabilities of the body

The boundaries of the physiological capabilities of the bodyThe reserve psychophysical capabilities of a person are enormous. They are clearly manifested in big sports. In just a few years, outstanding athletes around the world have set such records for speed and strength, achieved such accuracy and coordination of movements that until recently were considered inaccessible to humans. Hundreds and thousands of athletes repeat yesterday's champion records.

Tasty - tasteless

Tasty - tastelessWhen a person is hungry, everything tastes good to him. But once you get enough, even the most exquisite dishes seem to lose their dignity. Why is this happening? And what is taste in general?

Interesting facts about the effects of air on human health

Interesting facts about the effects of air on human healthAir consists of gaseous components: nitrogen - 78.09%, oxygen - 20.95%, carbon dioxide - 0.03% and inert gases (helium, hydrogen, xenon, argon, krypton, neon, etc.), the amount of which so little that it has no practical value for human life.

Learning first aid skills with your child

Learning first aid skills with your childIt happens that the peaceful course of life is suddenly interrupted by some unforeseen accident. In this section we will talk about those emergencies that concern our health.

The functioning of the mother-placenta-fetus system

Functioning of the mother-placenta-fetus systemThe process of individual development is a programmed sequence of functioning of individual parts of the genome and is expressed by changing the synthesis of proteins, the ratio of the number of individual enzymes.

Spices are healthy, but only in small amounts

Spices are healthy, but in small quantitiesSpices, which add a hot and pungent flavor to food, create a thrill. With many of them, dishes get flavors and pleasant colors, and nutrients are easier to digest.

Laparoscopy: everything you need to know

LaparoscopyLaparoscopy (or peritoneoscopy) is a medical procedure used to examine the interior of the abdomen or pelvic cavities to diagnose or treat a number of different diseases and conditions. The advantage of laparoscopy is that only a small incision is required.

Tracking pressure levels avoids many problems

Tracking pressure levels avoids many problemsIncreased pressure is a huge problem for a large number of people around the world. Such a nuisance arises for many reasons, and even the slightest delay in treating an illness may be enough to worsen the situation and seriously cripple your health.

Radioactivity and human food

Radioactivity and human foodA person lives in an environment, the radioactivity of which is due to both natural and artificial radioactive substances entering his body in various ways, primarily with food and water.

The harm and dangers of fast weight loss

The harm and dangers of fast weight lossMany are interested in: how to lose weight quickly? Unfortunately, people don't think about how fast weight loss can affect their health. Experts and nutritionists believe that diet is the worst way to lose weight.

Milk energy issues

Milk energy issuesThe very first food for any person (not without reason the genus Homo belongs to mammals) was milk. They say that only one product in the world can replace it when feeding infants - a suspension from raw liver (apparently, reindeer), and then after some processing.

Alcoholism is one of the diseases of society

Alcoholism is one of the diseases of societyThere are many reasons for the spread of alcoholism.The emergence and manifestations of alcoholism in each individual inevitably reflect individual personality traits, the type of higher nervous activity, temperament, character, and the level of general culture.

Headache: everything you need to know

HeadacheHeadache is one of the most common health conditions, with about 15 percent of us taking pain medications for headaches at any given time. People of any age can be affected, but people between the ages of 25 and 44 are more likely to report headaches.

How to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful in 5 minutes a day

How to keep your eyes healthy and beautifulThe eyes are the windows to the soul and taking care of them is an important part of your daily wellness routine. The most important way of such care is a set of regular exercises that improve muscle tone and blood circulation.

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