Preparing meat for cooking bacon

Bacon rollBefore cooking, it is necessary to properly prepare the meat: fresh meat should only be washed, ice cream should be allowed to thaw, and salted and smoked meat should be soaked.

Cuisine of Central Asia and Kazakhstan

ShurpaThe review examines the features of the national dishes of the peoples of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenia.

General information on cooking

General information on cookingCooking, that is, cooking, is an art that has evolved over the centuries, bearing the imprint of the respective era and culture. From the time when primitive man, accidentally dropping a piece of meat on hot coals, appreciated its best taste, to modern concepts of nutritious and tasty food has come a long way. Modern cooking, taking into account the experience of the past, uses the achievements of science and technology. It also takes into account the current requirements of the science of rational nutrition.

Cooking food

Cooking foodThanks to the use of various methods of culinary processing, it is possible to preserve the components of food products to a significant extent.

Grapes and products of its processing

Grapes and products of its processingOne of the main and valuable biological properties of grapes is the ability to use solar energy in the most efficient way. As a result, the sugar content in ripe berries is very high - it reaches 30-35%, and even more during withering. Dried grapes, raisins and raisins contain 60-70% sugar.

About vegetables and fruits

About vegetables and fruitsIn scientifically grounded rational nutrition, an important place belongs to potatoes, vegetables and fruits, which supply the body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Baltic cuisine

Cold Estonian sweet soup with beerBaltic cuisine is primarily focused on the fish resources of the Baltic Sea, gifts from forests, as well as potato and other vegetable dishes.

5 types of nuts that can help you lose weight

5 types of nuts that can help you lose weightIf you're on your way to shedding extra pounds, then you know how important it is to eat the right food in the right amounts. In the world of a variety of healthy foods, nuts such as almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews and raisins are considered super healthy. They are very nutritious indeed, with a ton of different vitamins, minerals, fats, protein and fiber as an example. They are known to help you shed those extra pounds, thanks to fiber and protein. Other nuts are good for other reasons, but eating them for shedding pounds wouldn't be a good idea.

Summing up the results of the competition from Steba (detailed statistics)

Sponsor competition "Dishes from the oven" (official representative office in Russia of Steba) made the final decision, announcing the winners:

Scientists have named substances responsible for the smell of the world's most popular beef

Known for its soft texture and distinctive flavor, Wagyu beef - often referred to as Kobe beef in the United States - has gained immense popularity. A study published in the American Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry highlights several key compounds responsible for the delicious smell of this delicacy.

7 Benefits of Dried Dates: From Bone Health to Increased Energy!

When we talk about winter, this whimsical, dark brown and uniquely tasty dry fruit comes to mind. We're talking about dates, which have everything you need during the winter months. Dates are known to provide many health benefits, but did you know that dry dates are just as beneficial when it comes to health and nutrition.Dry dates are dates without moisture that look less attractive and wrinkled; they are also used for religious purposes during Indian festivals. Plus, they are great energy boosters and a powerful source of vitamins and minerals that can help you restore health.

The "bitter" truth about the secret recipes of the mysterious world of Italian amari

According to tradition, the ingredients for bittersweet spirits are still kept secret. Is such secrecy appropriate in modern conditions?

You cannot know exactly what amari is unless you have tasted a high-end cocktail with at least one of these complex, bittersweet, herbal Italian liqueurs in the past five years. Bartenders all over the world add amari to cocktails. These spirits find their way into the diverse world of cocktails: from the simplest paper airplane cocktail to the complex Eeyore's requiem. Drinkers seem to have no problem consuming them, even if they do so in ways not approved by Italian tradition.

Pesto. How to use it.

Pesto. How to use it.In this article, we'll turn your attention to pesto. How should it be eaten? With pasta, of course. What else could you eat it with?

“Every man kills what he loves,” wrote Oscar Wilde in 1897. Chances are, Oscar didn't think about pesto or pasta sauces at all. According to Wilde in The Ballad of Reading Gaol, during the Victorian era, pasta was not an affordable product for inmates in prisons. Previously, the sauce did not have as widespread use as it is now. If Wilde were to take a stroll through the supermarkets today, he would probably agree with the blog "How It Is", which talks about the best way to consume your favorite British dishes.

Grains of Truth: Why Rice Is the World's Favorite Side Dish

why rice is the world's favorite side dishRice is boring food, or so the author thought before his trip to northeastern Japan. There he discovered the reasons why this product is so highly regarded throughout the world.

Let me tell you a legend in the world of rice, Katsuyuki Furukawa. He is the largest rice farmer in Japan, winner of the "best rice" competition in the country for five years in a row, and a producer of rice so exceptional that the organizers politely asked him not to participate in the competition anymore, and instead was awarded a special award.

His rice is really something special.

A great way to remove pesticides from apples

A great way to remove pesticides from applesYou can remove dirt from an apple by simply wiping it on your clothes, but this is not enough to remove pesticides from the apple. Research has shown that baking soda, such an ordinary and affordable product, can easily help you with this.

You can easily wipe the apple on your clothes, but it takes more effort to get rid of the pesticide residues. According to research published in the ACS magazine Agricultural and Food Chemistry, baking soda can easily remove pesticides from apples.

The wonderful world of fermented foods

The wonderful world of fermented foodsChef and TV personality Pete Evans recently sparked an outcry when he announced on Sunday Life that he favored fermented vegetables and activated almonds. In my opinion, the negative reaction to Pete's statement is due to the fact that people have little knowledge of fermented foods. These foods are neither new nor sophisticated, they are natural and rich in healthy bacteria. Our grandparents grew up on fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, beet kvass, cottage cheese, and whey.

Diwali Recipes: 9 Popular Dishes You Can Make At Home

burfiDiwali is just around the corner and we are looking forward to celebrate and taste delicious food.The quintessence of Diwali evenings has already begun, and people are having fun and visiting each other. But some of us are already tired of the planning and preparation that can make house party a hit. A simple recipe for success is to make sure you serve great food that makes your guests happy and entertaining. Good food can bring everyone together easily. To help you, we've been able to get hold of some very interesting recipes from popular restaurants that you can easily recreate at home and impress your guests.

How restaurants use buzzwords to trick you

How restaurants deceive youWhy “homemade” can hide anything: how restaurants use “buzzwords” to trick you.

The new episode of the hit show Channel 4 Tricks of the Restaurant Trade will reveal the words used to get you to order food at a restaurant.

This series reveals the secrets that restaurant diners should know when they eat. Host Simon Rimmer joins Sophie Morgan, host of the Rio Paral 4 Paralympics. Field reporter Adam Pearson is back, and Seyi Rhodes, Channel 4's Unreported World reporter, is also joining the team.

19 most famous food quotes

19 most famous food quotesI open the refrigerator door very often looking for inspiration. To be honest, if it weren't for the food, you and I definitely wouldn't have lived a single day. I say this not only because I am a great foodie, but also because what I am sharing with you today will definitely inspire you, as it happened to me. 19 famous food quotes that will make you laugh, think, and most importantly, cheer you up.

10 Amazing South Indian Sweets Recipes for the Holiday Season

10 amazing recipes for South Indian sweetsWhen asked to recall and name Indian sweets, most of the population spoke eloquently about the delights of jalebi, gulab jamun and modak. When it came to South India, people tended to settle for payasam. It's a pity, because southern countries are true connoisseurs of sweets. We have selected some of the national recipes that we think are simply delicious desserts. We present you with a whole list of sweet dishes.

5 easy ways to clean burnt food and dark stains from your pressure cooker

5 easy ways to clean your pressure cookerSo, you've served an excellent dinner and amazed everyone with your culinary skills. You return to the kitchen with a sense of pride and satisfaction, only to catch a glimpse of the dirty pots and pans demanding your attention. Stubborn stains, burnt food and stuck-on food debris need a good hand cleaning. This is probably the last thing you deserve after a lovely evening.

Casserole versus skillet: what will you choose?

Casserole vs frying pan• If you prefer to cook in deep containers, this can change the taste of the food.
• The shape of the pot or pan greatly affects the cooking process.
• The difference is what exactly we prepare and what methods we use for this.

Pressure or traditional cooking. What's better?

Pressure or traditional cookingCooking is an art and in order to improve your skills in this business, you must choose the right dishes and the right way of cooking. A long cooking process is perhaps more beneficial than using a pressure cooker for this purpose. And before deciding which is better, it is very important to know the distinctive features of these two methods, as well as what effect they have on the nutritional value of food.

Benefits of blast freezing of food and convenience foods

Benefits of blast freezing of food and convenience foodsMany of us remember pictures from childhood, when parents brought home frozen foods from the store - berries, fruits, semi-finished meat products. After thawing, strawberries and raspberries were a rather miserable sight and looked more like berry puree with a rather strange watery taste. As for the cutlets, they simply crawled in the pan due to the soaked breading. It is not surprising, because in those distant times, high-tech equipment for shock freezing did not yet exist in full.

Cozy kitchen. Feng Shui

Cozy kitchen. Feng ShuiThe kitchen is the hearth, the “treasure” of the home, so feng shui experts pay great attention to it.

The best shape for the kitchen is square or rectangular, the worst is triangular or pentagonal. There should be no sharp corners in the kitchen aimed at the person preparing the food. They need to be masked by hanging plants (artificial ones) or reflective surfaces (foil, mirrors).

Summing up the results of the competition from Princess (detailed statistics)

Perfect kitchen floor. Optimal solutions

Perfect kitchen floor. Optimal solutionsAny detail of the interior is important in the house, since more than half of the free time is spent here and this is a place not just for rest, but for complete relaxation. In addition, this is a person's personal space and the ability to embody this space to your taste. Each room has its own stylistic load and carries some kind of information about the owner. The kitchen is universal, because it is intended not only for the owner, but also for strangers, for guests who come to homes.

Tuna - from beneficial properties to cooking secrets

Tuna - from beneficial properties to cooking secretsThis representative of the marine fauna is considered one of the healthiest and most delicious fish. Because of its high nutritional value, tuna is called "sea beef". This giant fish belongs to the mackerel family and has not only an amazingly delicate, pleasant taste, but also a lot of useful properties. In comparison with its relatives, tuna is distinguished by its large size - about 4 m. For comparison: a white shark - on average 5.5 m. It also surprises with its weight - 680 kg, which is 80 kg more than the minimum mass of an adult white shark.

Summing up the results of the competition from Rommelsbacher (detailed statistics)

Frogs: catching, cutting and cooking

Frogs catching, cutting and cookingIn light of economic and political problems around the world, the issue of nutrition may soon become very acute. And even if this does not happen, the dishes made from this game are still excellent and highly recommended for consumption. And this has been appreciated by most of the Europeans for a long time. In addition, frog meat has a very low cholesterol content, which is very much appreciated in our country.

Of all the game that is found in Russia, this is probably the most affordable. You don't need a hunting ticket or a license to catch it, and it's much easier to catch frogs than, say, hares. And besides, it is impossible to contract any disease from the meat of frogs, which birds and mammals carry in abundance.

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