Pumpkin seeds - history, varieties, useful properties, applications.

Pumpkin seeds - history, useful properties, application.People have been eating very tasty and healthy fruits of pumpkin plants for a long time. These include not only the pumpkin itself, but also squash, squash, cucumbers and even watermelons with melons. Other plants unknown in our country are also considered pumpkin - chayote (Mexican cucumber), momordica, wax pumpkin (benincasa) and luffa.
Such a large family has an ordinary pumpkin. All these seemingly different cultures have a lot in common. All pumpkin plants are annuals. Some of them have a complex antennae and creeping stems up to ten meters long. The fruits are located on their side branches. Others grow in bushes, with low shoots.

What sweets can you eat every day?

ChocolateEach of us has been told from early childhood that eating a lot of sweets is harmful. Naturally, this is actually the case. After all, sweets are harmful both for the figure and for health. However, it is not worth giving up sweets completely, since our brain simply cannot do without it. You just need to know which sweets should be removed from the diet, and which ones are really healthy. You can consume honey, marmalade, chocolate, dried fruits, marshmallows and some other foods every day. However, you must have a sense of proportion.

Pasta - the national food of Italians

X Macaroni - the national food of ItaliansAlthough pasta first appeared in the Middle East, it has gained particular popularity in Italy. Pasta was widely known in ancient Rome, they were part of the diet of Roman legionnaires. Since then, pasta has been considered the national food of Italians. Why?

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