A set of dishes required for the kitchen

Kitchen utensils setFor cooking broths, soups, dairy soups, vegetable and sweet dishes, you need to have 4-5 pots of different sizes (they are aluminum, enameled, cast iron, nickel-plated).
For extinguishing, you need to purchase 1-2 oblong cast iron boilers with a lid, also of different sizes.

Vitamins and minerals in vegetables and fruits

Vitamins and minerals in vegetables and fruitsAt the end of the last and the beginning of this century, the extremely important role of vitamins and microorganisms in the physiological processes taking place in the human body was discovered. This discovery dramatically changed the attitude towards vegetables and fruits. It turned out that the energy properties of food and the abundance of proteins in it are not enough for the smooth operation of a healthy body. The source of essential substances for life - vitamins C and P - turned out to be vegetables and fruits, which were previously neglected.

Flavoring and aromatic substances of vegetables and fruits, enzymes and phytoncides

Flavoring and aromatic substancesAll vegetables contain a variety of flavors and aromas that help the digestive glands work more intensively, as well as the absorption of food and digestion. In terms of their composition, these substances are very diverse.

The use of dyes in confectionery

Turmeric drinksTo give products and semi-finished products of various colors, dyes are used. They are natural and synthetic. The role of natural dyes is played by various flavors included in the formulation of products and semi-finished products, which have an intense color - coffee, cocoa, sugar roast. Dyes of plant and animal origin are also natural. Of the synthetic (artificial) dyes, indigo carmine and tartrazine are used.

Preparation of semi-finished fish products

Pollock fillet in doughThe fish is cut into portions in different ways, depending on the upcoming heat treatment and purpose. Semi-finished products are cut for boiled, stewed, fried fish, fried fish (fried in a large amount of fat), fish in dough, cutlet mass, stuffed and jellied fish.

Baking secrets

Almond parfaitBeginners are generally unfamiliar with the various baking secrets. Therefore, some points are described in detail below, which are not detailed in the recipes.

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