SunflowerButter is not enough in life. Animal fats are good, but not with every meal. For the body to work well, you need vegetable oil. Anyone. But not less than one third of all fat.

Useful tips for gardeners

Useful tips for gardenersWhitefly, this small flying insect, if it has already started, you will find on the underside of the leaves of a diseased plant. At least three times (but not more often than once a week) you will have to spray the habitat with a solution of green soap.

How to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful in 5 minutes a day

How to keep your eyes healthy and beautifulThe eyes are the windows to the soul, and taking care of them is an important part of your daily wellness routine. The most important way of such care is a set of regular exercises that improve muscle tone and blood circulation.

Leveling the floor with plywood: how to do it yourself correctly?

Leveling the floor with plywoodAn uneven floor in a newly built house is a circumstance imperceptible at first glance. But over time, during the operation of the building, all kinds of troubles begin to arise because of it.


FigOne English traveler who visited the countries of the Middle East in Pushkin's time was extremely puzzled when he came to the Turkish city of Smyrna. Residents welcomed the traveler hospitably, but no matter what conversation he started with them, they invariably reduced him to figs - figs.

Loss of the Russian national football team as an element of political strategy

Common mistakes parents make when raising children

Parents' mistakes when raising childrenParents, raising a child, rely on their knowledge, skills and advice from relatives and friends. However, most of the tips can simply be ignored, since they can not only not benefit the child, but even harm the baby's psyche.

Interesting facts about Poland

Interesting facts about PolandIt is believed that Poland is a country of Eastern Europe, but geographically it is located in the very center of this part of the world.

Five advantages of liquid wallpaper

Five advantages of liquid wallpaperThere are a lot of materials with which you can finish. Among them, liquid wallpapers are especially interesting. This is one of the most modern wall coverings available.

Beetroot (sugar beet)

Beetroot sugar beetThe triumphal procession of beets across the planet, which continues to this day, did not begin at all ceremonially. In the middle of the 18th century, the German chemist A. Margraf obtained the first sugar from the roots. He was so proud of his discovery that he immediately rushed to the Academy of Sciences in Berlin and made a report there.

Living with heart disease

Living with heart diseaseIf you have been diagnosed with heart disease or have had a heart attack, then it's okay if you are wondering how it will affect your life. Having a positive attitude and caring for your health can help you cope with heart disease and reduce your risk of a heart attack, such as a stroke.

The power and greatness of rye bread

The power and greatness of rye breadRye has always enjoyed special attention among the poets of Europe. When they needed to hide the lovers from prying eyes, they sent them to the rye field.

Gardening Basics

Gardening BasicsOf course, none of us is born a gardener, and we don't have anything like that in our genes. But many of us dream of a garden we planted with our own hands. And here it is appropriate to recall one good saying: "The tree is soon planted, but not soon the fruits are eaten from it."

Basic requirements for comfortable and comfortable children's clothing

Basic requirements for comfortable and comfortable children's clothingChoosing children's clothes, most mothers dream of her baby being fashionably and beautifully dressed literally from the first minutes of her life. At the same time, most mothers believe that clothes for a child should copy clothes for adults.

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