Parsley in the tundra

Parsley in the tundra"Nothing is lost with parsley!" - this is what the famous vegetable grower M. Oshanin said. Even the smallest spine goes into action. Dried, ground for the future use for the winter. Medium-sized roots are used immediately.

The largest rock in the world - Ayers rock

Ayers RockAyers Rock (Ayers Rock, Uluru), lying in the center of Australia, 320 kilometers southwest of the city of Springs, is the largest in the world. Its circumference reaches over 8 kilometers and its height is 350 meters. It can only be climbed from the north side.

A tomato

A tomatoAt the end of the last century, a cabbage butterfly fell on the cabbage. Since there were no pesticides in those days, expert gardeners mostly exchanged experiences.

Train your balance!

Train your balanceWe are often amazed at the ability of circus performers to walk blindfolded along a thin wire, balance on a small board mounted on many reels, or ride one wheel of a bicycle, pedaling alternately with legs and hands.

Across England

Across EnglandOur plane, having covered the distance from Moscow to London in three hours and giving them back to us completely, due to the difference in standard time, landed at the airport.


MulberryWhen I first flew to the Pamirs, I was very surprised to see trees on the mountains, cut in the same way as in the city. At first I took them for poplars and wondered: why cut the trunks here, among the mountains?

Black box

Black boxThis mysterious box is mentioned on the radio or in the newspapers most often in connection with plane crashes or accidents. At the same time, they not only cite the number of accidents and search hot on the trail of the causes of the incident, but also necessarily raise the question of whether it was possible to find the "black box".

Danger in the forest

Danger in the forestMany forests are natural foci of a serious disease - tick-borne encephalitis. It is mainly distributed in the taiga of Siberia and the Far East, but it is also found in some forest regions of the western part of Russia.

Supra MCS-5112. Description and characteristics of the multicooker


Life of a bee family in winter

Life of a bee family in winterThe vast majority of insects survive the winter in a state of suspended animation. Anabiosis (Greek revival) is the suspension of the body's vital activity under unfavorable conditions of existence.

For those who are about to quit smoking

For those who are about to quit smokingThe dangers of smoking are written and talked about quite often and a lot. Unfortunately, anti-nicotine propaganda is not always effective enough.

Miner moths and control measures

Miner mothsIn the last 10-15 years, in some areas where horticulture is well developed, there has been a strong reproduction of mining moths. Their damage causes a decrease in the assimilation surface of the leaves, since they are completely covered by mines (tunnels) of caterpillars, and sometimes fall off.

Prevention and treatment of flat feet

Prevention and treatment of flat feetNowadays, health-improving walking and jogging are becoming more and more popular. Of particular importance in these cases is the functional state of the lower limbs, their capacity.

Redmond RBM-M1921. Description and characteristics of the bread maker


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