Stopping life

Stopping lifeLife is usually seen as a continuous process. It arises at the moment of the emergence of a living being in an egg, spore or seed, goes through a number of more or less complex stages of development, reaches a certain flowering, diminishes with aging and ends at the moment of old age, when all life processes stop.

Manifestations of atherosclerosis

Manifestations of atherosclerosisThe most important, most frequent consequence of atherosclerotic lesions of the walls of the arteries, with the formation of thickenings (plaques) on them, is the narrowing of the lumen of the arteries.

Some are not written "Food Rules"

Some people don't know the rulesHow often you can see that people look at food almost as a tiresome job. They are indifferent to the conditions in which food is taken, they do not always leave enough time to calmly, leisurely breakfast or lunch, eat very quickly, between times, on the go, they do not know the need to observe, as I.P. Pavlov called them, "Food rules".

Live attractions

Live attractionsIt happens that some living creature, by coincidence, becomes a common favorite, a kind of distinctiveness of a given area.

Microflora of starter cultures and preparations for making cheese

Microflora of starter cultures and preparations for making cheeseFor the production of all types of cheeses, lactic acid bacteria are required, which ferment milk sugar and milk citrates to form lactic acid, CO2 and some other products (diacetyl, acetoin, acetic acid, etc.).

Tooth and jaw structure

Tooth and jaw structureThere are 3 parts in a tooth: crown, neck and root.

Etiology and pathogenesis

Etiology and pathogenesisDisease is a violation of the normal vital activity of the organism when exposed to damaging environmental factors, leading to a decrease in the adaptability and working capacity of a person.

A lot of people break their diet

A lot of people break their dietIt often happens like this: a person leaves for work, hastily drinking a glass of tea with bread, or even on an empty stomach. Having eaten during the lunch break, he feels sleepy all day. In the evening, getting hungry, he eats up again, and at night he does not sleep well, sees disturbing dreams.

The causes of angina

The causes of anginaThe human body is in constant interaction with its surrounding external environment. Violation of this interaction can lead to the development of a disease, in particular, tonsillitis.

Devotion to the end

Devotion to the endThe dog is considered the first animal to be tamed by man. Thousands of years of living side by side with people unrecognizably changed not only the appearance of the descendant of the wolf and jackal (there are more than three hundred dog breeds!), But also the habits, character, the very "soul" of the animal.

The nervous system and its work

The nervous system and its workThere are three main parts in the human nervous system: central, peripheral and vegetative.

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