Steba Smoking Box. Overview of the aromatizer


Steba smoking boxThe device is designed for smoke flavoring ham, meat, fish, cheese, drinks, both at home and in cafes, bars, restaurants.
Suitable for aromatization with herbs or tea.

The oldest inhabitants of space

The oldest inhabitants of spaceWell, I know that on November 3, 1957, an event took place, the significance of which for science and the general progress of mankind cannot be overestimated. The second Soviet artificial satellite of the Earth brought an earthly living being into orbit. The first space passenger in history was Laika the dog, whose pretty face later appeared on the pages of almost all newspapers and magazines in the world.

Ischemic heart disease and other "diseases of the century"

Ischemic heart disease and other diseases of the centuryExperts consider circulatory disorders of the heart itself to be one of the main health-threatening factors, which are increasingly being combined with the single term "ischemic heart disease".

A son grows up in the family

A son is growing up in the familyThis has been the custom for a long time: it is especially proud to rejoice if a son is born in the family. Hope is associated with him more often than with the name of his daughter. Even unsentimental fathers secretly dream of the appearance of a son.

About the air: clean, harmful and healing

About clean, harmful and healing airOrdinary air that surrounds us is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. The rest is argon (about 0.9%) and carbon dioxide (about 0.03%). But a person, in essence, does not breathe at all with air (from a chemical point of view), but with oxygen.

Seeds and microorganisms

Seeds and microorganismsOnce in the soil, seeds are found in it with substances that stimulate and inhibit their germination. These substances are formed as a result of the decomposition of plants and animals, and are also products of the vital activity of microorganisms and plants. In the soil, seeds are found with numerous bacteria and fungi, some of which secrete useful substances (vitamins, growth stimulants, etc.), and others - compounds that have a detrimental effect on seed embryos and seedlings.

Normal sleep

Normal sleepWe spend a third of our lives in a dream. What happens to us at this time? Let's try to figure out what it is - a normal dream: a forced disconnection from reality due to overwork of the body, which is no longer able to actively act?

The heart is a tireless worker

The heart is a tireless workerOnce I stopped by my close friend to while away an hour or two together. He had a guest, already an elderly man, apparently quite healthy.

Day by hour and minute

Day by hour and minuteThere are 24 hours a day. 9-11 hrs sleep, 4-6 hrs sit at school at a desk and study, 2-3 hrs are spent on homework, about 1-1.5 hours are devoted to social work, helping parents. This means that about 5-6 hours remain daily, given to the child for personal use. This is a huge wealth, but guys usually don't know how to spend it wisely.

Where the eagle tore the snake ...

Where the eagle tore the snakeAn ancient Indian legend tells of the long wanderings of the Aztec tribe in search of a place to settle. Many days and nights passed before the exultant exclamation of one of the Indians was heard - having sharp eyesight, he was the first to see an eagle with a snake in its claws.

Tefal PF240E Pain & Delices. Bread maker characteristics

Endever SkyLine MB-54. Description and characteristics of the bread maker

A little about the culture of lifestyle

A little about the culture of lifestyle"The telephone alone, now necessary even in the private use of a person, not only disorganizes, but also overloads our nervous system with a mass of impressions; it makes us in a short period of time to enter into communication with a huge number of people of the most diverse positions, classes and characters."

A teacher has come to your house

A teacher came to your houseOnce at the very beginning of the school year, I told my fifth-graders that I would definitely visit each of them at home, visit in the morning and evening, see how they study and how they relax.

Tuberculosis and Surgery

Tuberculosis and SurgeryAmong infectious diseases, in the fight against which surgery is called upon to play an important role, one of the first places, undoubtedly, should be put tuberculosis, or, as it is sometimes abbreviated as TBTs.

Weed grass: hidden opportunities

Weed grassPlants-parasites, field eaters and backbones, green fire - as soon as people don't call weeds! And rightly so: it has no place among agricultural crops - in a grain field, vegetable plantation, in a vegetable garden or in a garden plot.

On the border between health and disease

On the border between health and diseaseHealth and disease. Two forms of human existence, two forms of being ...

What is mental health?

Kuna and Veveritsa

Kuna and VeveritsaThe first coins that open the official history of banknotes appeared at the end of the 8th - early 7th centuries BC in Asia Minor (in the state of Lydia) and on the Greek island of Aegina. But this does not mean at all that there was no currency before.

Winter worries for gardeners

Winter worries for gardeners"January is the beginning of the year, the middle of winter"... In the central zone, this is the snowiest and coldest month. Frost, snowfalls, thaw replace each other. The future harvest in the garden depends on how the plants will transfer the second half of winter.

High and low

High and lowThe concept of high and low in a language may seem somewhat outdated to us. After all, practical stylistics has developed a ramified system of functional styles. The use of various speech means is strictly regulated in it in accordance with the circumstances and purpose of the statement.

Physiological two-dimensionality of information: mechanisms and consequences

Physiological two-dimensionality of informationIn the play by A. P. Chekhov "The Seagull" one of its heroes, the writer Treplev, speaks of the ability of the writer Trigorin to paint a landscape in sparse and precise words: “The neck of a broken bottle shines on his dam and the shadow of a mill wheel is blackening - so the moonlit night is ready, and I have a trembling light, and a quiet twinkling of stars, and distant sounds of a piano, fading in the quiet fragrant air ...”

How protein structures are built

How protein structures are builtModern biology has penetrated deeply into the depths of the cell — the “brick” of the living. A living cell appeared to scientists as a harmonious combination of simpler structures - membranes, tubes, granules, fibrous formations, consisting of ordered molecules connected to each other.

Binatone MCR-5033. Technical characteristics of the multicooker

Binatone MCR-5033

Supra MCS-5111. Technical characteristics of the multicooker


Recipes Week 48 (2018)

In gratitude

In gratitudeIn addition to monuments in honor of specific celebrities, such as Barry and Opo-Jack, there are many typified monuments on earth that are not associated with the veneration of any individual representatives of the vast animal kingdom, but pay tribute to the whole species.

Scalpel in vessels

Scalpel in vesselsHeart disease cannot be separated from blood vessel disease. The heart and blood vessels are a single cardiovascular system. Blood vessel disease, like heart disease, can arise from a variety of reasons.

Test with L-Dopa

Test C L-DopaStudies of the sympathetic-adrenal system in terms of daily and seasonal biorhythms provide very extensive information about the deep processes in the body. However, the method of adrenograms shows the dynamics of changes in the state of the sympathetic-adrenal system only for the period of time covered by the study.

There is a schoolboy in your family

There is a schoolboy in your familyYour baby has gone to school and a lot has changed in your family. A new time has begun. For the child, the usual way of life breaks down, new responsibilities appear, new contacts are established with peers and teachers, and the skill of focused work in the lesson is gradually formed.

Panasonic Croustina SD-ZP2000.Description and characteristics of the bread maker

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