Baking glazes

Baking icingNo matter how you bake - in a bread maker or in an oven, the bread will be both more beautiful and tastier if you grease it with glaze. Before baking, during or early baking, glazes give the product a golden, softer or crispier crust. The glaze applied to the finished product adds extra flavor and makes the crust more shiny. Sometimes the glaze plays the role of a velcro to which the dusting sticks.

Moulinex OW3000. Bread Maker Specifications

Bread Baking Tips

Baking Tips

In the new models of bread makers, you can bake not only "classic" white bread from wheat flour, but also healthy bread from flour with bran or from several types and varieties of cereals. For example, bread with the addition of buckwheat, corn, rice, oat flour, flour from sprouted wheat is very useful and tasty - a storehouse of vitamins A, B, C and, in the latter case, deficient E. Our savvy housewives prepare such flour at home without any problems, grinding on grits for cereals.

Homemade cakes: for a bread machine

Bakery products

Bread from a bread machine may not come out cheaper than store bread, but it is without a doubt tastier. If you purchased a bread maker, read the instructions for it first, then experiment with the basic loaf. This will help you become familiar with the work of your bread maker, as well as use it more confidently, and try new interesting recipes. All bread makers knead, stand and bake fresh crispy bread, but still a lot depends on the models. When choosing a bread maker, the main thing is to take into account the size of the loaf, as well as what programs are available.

What the Panasonic SD-253 bread maker can do

Bread business

Home bread maker

There was a temptation to arrange something like a hoax or a quiz in this "Garden": to tell how Sergey Golubitsky invited me to test a new device, how the device made an impression, how, having left the hospitable house, I first via the Internet, and then - in order to feel - and through Gorbushka - I conducted a serious marketing research, as a result of which I came to the conclusion: I prefer a similar device from Panasonic than LG Seregin or a device from Hitachi recommended by Siberian friends (in Siberia, for some reason, this the brand has earned recognition and popular love).

Kenwood BM-150 Bread Maker Manual

Kenwood BM-250 Bread Maker Manual

Description and technical characteristics of the Kenwood BM-250 bread maker

Description of the Kenwood BM-210 bread maker

Description of the Kenwood BM-150 bread maker

Description of the Binatone BM-1068 bread maker

Kenwood BM-210 Bread Maker Manual

Kenwood BM-350 Bread Maker Manual

Kenwood BM-256 Bread Maker Manual

DeLonghi BDM-075S Bread Maker Manual

DeLonghi BDM-125S Bread Maker Manual

Description of the Clatronic BBA 2605 bread maker

Clatronic BBA 2605 Bread Maker Manual

Instructions for the bread maker LG HB-156 JE

Characteristics of the LG HB-155CJ bread machine

Description bread maker DeLonghi BDM-125S

My own baker


For a modern person, a bread maker is more exotic than a need. In recent years, we have become accustomed to buying bread in the store, we began to consider it something that is beyond the control of home cooking. Result? Following homemade bread, buns, pancakes, pies and other primordially Russian delicacies gradually began to disappear from our house. Today, not every hostess dares to prepare pies for the arrival of guests - there is always a danger that the dough will not fit as it should, and kneading it is not an easy job ... Now imagine that 99% of these problems have been removed from you! How? Yes, with the help of a small, undemanding device in maintenance and operation - a bread machine.

Description and technical characteristics of the Kenwood BM-256 bread maker

Home bread maker Kenwood BM-350

Home mini-bakery LG HB-151 JE

Home Mini Bakery LG HB-152 CE

Solving possible problems with baking bread

Solution of problems

Bread makers are very easy to use, once you get used to your bread maker, you will wonder how you used to do without it. But a bread maker is a machine, and it does not know how to think for itself. When baking bread, you can run into various problems, and it is important to understand why this happens. Here are some typical troubles that can happen.

Forming dough for baking bread


One of the most convenient functions provided by a bread maker is making yeast dough. When you select it, your bread maker will automatically knead all the ingredients, knead the dough for the right amount of time, and then create the ideal conditions for it to rise. The entire cycle, from kneading the ingredients to the risen dough, takes about 1 3/4 hours, but this time is slightly different in all bread makers. No matter how you prepare your dough, wide open spaces for the formation of various products open before you.

Baking, cooling and storing bread

Bakery products

Even though a bread maker should always bake great bread, it is important to remember that this is only a machine and cannot think for itself. It is important to carefully measure the amount of ingredients and add them to the bread maker in the order shown in the instructions for the bread machine. All ingredients should be at the kitchen temperature, so remove them from the refrigerator beforehand if your bread maker does not have a reheat mode.

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