Leg of lamb with vegetables

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Leg of lamb with vegetables


Leg of lamb (I have half) 1 kg
A tomato 4 things
Bulb onions 4 things
Turnip 1 PC
Fragrant herbs (basil, marjoram, thyme) taste
Adjika taste
Salt taste
Pepper taste
Olive oil taste
Soy sauce taste
Balsamic vinegar taste
Honey 0.5 tsp

Cooking method

  • I mixed all the components, it turned out like a gruel and smeared our leg, left it to lie down for about an hour.
  • Having previously peeled the tomatoes, cut them into large rings, onions and turnips also into rings. A bunch of parsley, if there is cilantro .... generally gorgeous, but I didn't have it.
  • Fried the meat in Kukushka, on "Roasting" for 2 minutes, 3rd level. Then I laid a part of the turnip, onions, tomatoes on the bottom, put the meat on this bed, then again the turnip, onions, tomatoes, greens. I put everything on Multipovar, 120 degrees, 35 minutes, but 30 would be enough. The meat came straight away from the bone perfectly, and it was very tender and soft, even my fastidious child said that it was delicious, well, Parkery also got his share and was sooo happy.

  • Leg of lamb with vegetables

Cooking program:

"ROASTING" + "MULTI-COOK" 110C, 25 min.


I cooked rice at 0821, at 54 I like rice more.
The broth is so rich. what tomorrow .... absolutely, without remorse, I will add potatoes there and get stewed potatoes with vegetables in lamb broth with meat.


Tanyulyareally, outrageously simple

But what a lamb turned out - looks super

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