I accidentally found a reset to factory settings in the Moulinex 5002 bread maker. Perhaps this is not a pure reset, but an entry into the service mode, since some signs appear on the display.

So, if the bread maker is frozen tight and no buttons work, and "on-off" does not help, then:
1) You need to unplug the bread maker from the outlet, then press and hold the MENU button, and at the same time, you need to turn the bread maker back on, and then release the MENU button.
2) Unclear characters will appear on the display. Next, you need to turn off and then turn on the bread maker (I think this must be done to get out of this type of service mode, otherwise there is not much that can be wound in it). After turning on, all the buttons will already work and the display will be as you are used to seeing.
3) If the bread maker is broken, then such a reset will not help, of course.

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