The other day, now living in the United States and having pretty much missed my favorite Bifinett 1171 and Unold 8600 bread makers, I bought a Hamilton Beach 29881 bread maker for 2 lb in stock.
After looking at all the topics I did not find about her.
As far as possible, I will tell you my impressions.

Hamilton Beach 2988 Bread Maker Features

  • Baking homemade bread without preservatives and trans fats
  • 12 Cycles: Basic, French, Gluten Free, Whole Grain, Quick Bread, Sweet, 1.5lb Express, 2lb Express, Pastry, Jam, Cake and Baking
  • Includes whole grain and gluten free recipes courtesy of Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods
  • Ideal for making roll and pizza doughs
  • Light, medium and dark crust settings
  • Delay timer lets you add ingredients and start baking later
  • Sound reminder to add fruits and nuts
  • Non-stick baking tray for easy cleaning in the dishwasher
  • Includes an extra kneading paddle so you can cook a loaf while the other paddle is in the dishwasher

Bread Maker Hamilton Beach 29881
The HomeBaker ™ makes it easy to make a variety of breads: just add your ingredients, select a cycle and press Start. After you make your first tasty serving, family and friends will soon ask for more.
Bread Maker Hamilton Beach 29881

Ksyu-juha, Thank you! I have known about this brand for a long time, real reviews of "our" users are very curious, as well as some other, purely state-owned equipment. I love to watch the Food Network as a sinful thing, and I always try to take a closer look, just wondering what "they" are cooking on.
Quote: Kestrel
real reviews of "our" users are very curious,
Anna is most interested in knowing about their technology, but what catches your eye is that there are a lot of this company in ordinary large supermarkets - blenders, mixers, small ovens ...
I have a kitchenide mixer, my sister Hamilton Beach has a bit noisier and heavier, kitschen is more comfortable in the hand and has a smooth start. The end result is the same.
But their bread makers are the top of their dreams, as far as I understand, this is a messy-type Mercedes, and Hamilton Beach is a simple Zhiguli.
But I didn't have a super branded bread machine, ordinary middle class and this one is the same. Standing on the veranda, there the floor is a little wobbly and so far I can not objectively say whether it is making a lot of noise. The bread bakes well and I'm happy about that. Theirs flour should be laid down less than Ukrainian flour. Baked in basic mode for 2 lb-904 g white, white with rye flour and white with whole grain. The most delicious with the addition of whole grain flour came out - the crust is thin and crunchy and so fragrant.

This is with the addition of whole grain flour - for 550 gr 100 gr - basic mode, medium crust, size 2 lb.
Bread Maker Hamilton Beach 29881
Cut it warm
Bread Maker Hamilton Beach 29881

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