Apricot marshmallow "Almond summer" with almond flakes and sesame seeds (+ video)

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Apricot pastille Almond summer with almond flakes and sesame seeds (+ video)


pitted apricot 2.5KG
almond flakes 25 g
sesame 10 g
sugar taste

Cooking method

For me, apricots are associated with summer! So sunny, bright, warm ... And if you add almonds to them, you get "Almond Summer"! Therefore, until the summer is over, we are preparing the marshmallow again. My daughter still does not know what shop sweets are, unlike my son, so I want to extend this moment longer. But my son has recently sat down on my natural sweets. In this regard, I am preparing more marshmallows))
Today there will be apricot. For marshmallows, I usually use wild apricots, and large and honey ones we eat like that.
So, take 2.5 kg of peeled apricots (without pits) and beat well in a blender.
Add sugar or honey to taste. I added sugar. This amount of puree is enough for 5 trays of the electric dryer. It took me 500 ml of puree on one pallet.
For every 500 ml, I added 2 tsp. almond flakes and 1/2 tsp. sesame seeds. You can not mix in the puree, but sprinkle on top, then it will also turn out beautifully.
Dried at 50 degrees for 24 hours.
When I made this marshmallow for the first time, to be honest, it was an experiment. But in the end it turned out to be successful, because I really liked the combination of tastes. Therefore, our family fell in love with "Almond Summer", and now I dry apricots exclusively in this combination))


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