Bread maker Morphy Richards Premium Plus 502000

Morphy Richards 502000 - premium bread maker

Morphy Richards Premium Plus 502000 Bread Maker Technical Specifications

Weight6.8 kg
Shipping weight7.6 kg
Baking weight0.45kg, 0.675kg, 0.9kg
Integrated dispenserYes
Number of programs19
Number of degrees of baking5
Body materialStainless steel, BPA plastic
Kneading blade materialDuralumin
Bowl materialNon-stick aluminum alloy
Power600 watts
Cord compartmentYes
Dimensions38 x 35 x 30 cm
Dimensions in packing42.8 x 38.4 x 33.2 cm
Viewing windowYes
Turn-on delay timer12 hours

Morphy Richards 502000 - premium bread maker

The Premium Plus 502000 bread maker is a premium model for preparing white wheat, gluten-free, malt (rye) bread, muffins, French loaves, whole-grain flour products, pizza dough, fruit casserole, marmalade, desserts in one of 19 automatic baking programs.

Morphy Richards 502000 - premium bread maker

19 baking programs and more than 50 recipes in the instructions

Bake in one of 19 modes: White or Gray Bread, Whole Grain (Whole Ground), Sweet, Sandwich, French Crisp, Pastry, Jam & Marmalade, Bread Mixes, Special for Bake Mixes, Gluten Free, Quick Bake I (Own Recipe) , quick baking II (its own original program), additional baking, pizza dough, express, homemade I, homemade II, cake, dessert.

Morphy Richards 502000 - premium bread maker

Integrated dispenser and viewing window

The Premium Plus 502000 bread maker is equipped with a fruit and nut dispenser and a viewing window to control the baking process. The dispenser is required to automatically add fruits and nuts during the baking process after the first batch. Just load the ingredients into the compartment before baking.

Morphy Richards 502000 - premium bread maker

Safe material

The model is made of safe BPA plastic, which does not emit any substances, and high quality stainless steel. Unlike analogues, the oven exudes the smell of fresh bread, not plastic.

Morphy Richards 502000 - premium bread maker

Baking gluten-free bread

For your convenience and a variety of dishes, we have provided a gluten-free bread baking mode.

Morphy Richards 502000 - premium bread maker

Three choices for weight and size

You can choose one of three options for the weight of the finished product - 450, 680 and 900 g.

Morphy Richards 502000 - premium bread maker

Digital control and 12 hour delay timer

The oven is equipped with an intuitive digital display for ease of operation. For night or morning baking without your participation, there is a 12 hour start delay timer. You can choose any time within 12 hours to delay the start of the program.

Morphy Richards 502000 - premium bread maker

5 degrees of baking

The device allows you to bake bread with a light white crust, light, medium baking, dark or very dark.

Morphy Richards 502000 - premium bread maker

Easy baking process

With the Morphy Richards bread maker, there is no need to weigh the ingredients. The set of the device includes precise measuring instruments - measuring cups and spoons. There is no longer any risk of excessive lifting or flooding of the bread.

Express mode

For quick bread preparation, you can use Express Mode. Evaluate the perfect bread in just 70-85 minutes, depending on the size of the product.
Morphy Richards 502000 - premium bread maker

Removable non-stick bowl

Convenient removable bowl made of non-stick aluminum. After baking, the bread is easily removed without sticking to the inner surface. The bowl is easy to clean.
Morphy Richards 502000 - premium bread maker

Long life metal kneading paddle

With a unique drop-out blade made of durable duralumin alloy, the bread maker kneads the dough to the desired consistency before folding the blade. The result: smooth bread without large holes in the bottom.
Morphy Richards 502000 - premium bread maker

2 year warranty

All products are quality tested.
Morphy Richards 502000 - premium bread maker

Video of the Morphy Richards Premium Plus 502000 bread machine

Everything is beautiful and good. Where is it sold?
This has been on sale in Israel for a long time. Not seen in stores in recent years.
Quote: Caprice
Where is it sold?

I was also interested. I only found a pre-order on the official website.


"My darling ...." (tsy) ... I've been using it for the third month already ...
I bought it here in Africa, at a home appliance store in a large supermarket.
I'm happy.
To be honest, I've already lost count, probably the fifth bread machine ...
In general, if it is serious, I experienced joy (although I had already seen a baker) touching her - it was done so soundly and seriously. Manufacturer, like, Great Britain.
The scapula is very interesting, the bread after baking flies out "with a bang" - all the previous buckets were shaking like a pear, right there it is enough to turn it over.
I bake according to my old recipes, even from a book from LG, + bread with whey and kefir.
From the new one - "CZ bread with polenta", on program №2 (Whole grain). It turns out great.
I have not tried programmed modes yet, somehow there is no need ... But once I wanted to bake with such modes. Until the hands reached.
I have complaints about the instructions - there is no reflection in detail on the modes - how many things. The recipes are so scanty, I'm not interested. And, of course, in cups ... In fact, for a beginner, she is ugly ...
Quote: sazalexter

Find ten differences https://Mcooker-enn.tomathouse.com/in...om_smf&topic=179321.0
year 2012. Around the same time it was sold in Israel. Only, it seems, they did not buy much, it was expensive.

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