Shurpa lazy in a pressure cooker (Ninja Foodi)

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Shurpa lazy in a pressure cooker (Ninja Foodi)


Veal 1.5KG
Bulgarian pepper

Cooking method

One of the most delicious soups for us is shurpa, which is full of meat and vegetables.
Cook the broth in advance, put the meat in the pressure cooker, fill it with water, salt, pepper, you can put onions and carrots.
We set the pressure program for 40 minutes, during which time the meat is cooked so that it can easily come off the bone.
Cool and disassemble the meat, separating it from the bones and removing the fat.
I always make the broth in advance, put it in the refrigerator and then all the fat is easily removed.
You can not do this, who loves fatter.
Shurpa lazy in a pressure cooker (Ninja Foodi)
After the refrigerator, I removed almost all the fat and put onions, carrots, zucchini zucchini, peppers, then potatoes and tomatoes into the broth with meat. I checked it for salt, sprinkled it with a little greens and put it on pressure again for 10 minutes.
Shurpa lazy in a pressure cooker (Ninja Foodi)
That's it, the soup is ready, fast, lazy and delicious !! Bon Appetit!!
Shurpa lazy in a pressure cooker (Ninja Foodi)

Shurpa lazy in a pressure cooker (Ninja Foodi)

Lerelewhat a beautiful and rich shurpa! I love this soup, the first and second together.
Elenka, and also to do it simply and quickly
Thank you!!!
Lerele, agree.
I also like to pre-cook broth.
Your brisket is so delicious!
Vegetables are coarsely chopped - it's delicious ...
Favorite soup = shurpa, thick and rich broth.
Shurpa is also healthy, everything is in its own juice, nothing is fried without oil !!!
Oh, and I have never eaten shurpa, probably delicious ... Thank you, Irisha for the recipe!
Trishka, urgently fix it !! This is delicious!!

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