Early cabbage in rye batter (+ video)

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Early cabbage in rye batter (+ video)


Cabbage 1 PC
Egg 2 pcs
Rye flour 2 tbsp. l.
Salt pepper taste
Vegetable oil for frying

Cooking method

Cut the cabbage into 4 parts along the stalk and boil for 5 minutes until soft.
Cut each quarter into 3 more pieces along the stalk.
For batter, mix eggs, flour, salt and pepper.
Dip each piece of cabbage in batter and fry on each side until golden brown.
Serve with sour cream or tomato juice.


In the early cabbage season, this is my favorite dish. I tried to make batter with different flours, but rye makes the most delicious combination with cabbage. They are just made for each other. And with sour cream or tomato juice - just a bomb.

An interesting option, I will definitely try!
And I've already printed the recipe. At the dacha forks, young cabbage is waiting
ABOUT! So tasty!)))
Another recipe with cabbage. I will experiment. Thank you.
Galina, Tatyana, Oksana, girls, thank you all for your interest in the recipe. To be honest, I doubted whether to exhibit it for a long time or not. Everything is so simple and fast. I'm glad I came in handy.
tatyana1, Tatyanathe simpler the better. And it's delicious.
tatyana1, thanks for the recipe. I really liked the design of the video.
Everything was assembled in 2 minutes so that the nuances of cooking were clear.
I usually get upset when in the recipe instead of a detailed description they put a video for 20 minutes. Well, I'm sorry to spend 20 minutes watching !!! Better to read and see pictures. Well, or like you, 2 minutes and everything is clear.
Twig, in my opinion the video is much more informative than the description. It is impossible to describe all the nuances. For example, how thick the dough should be, or what color you need to bake / fry, I generally keep quiet about cutting / weaving / decorating methods. And the video shows everything at once.
Tatyana, yes, informative. I'll have to cook.
Early cabbage in rye batter (+ video)
Early cabbage in rye batter (+ video)
the early cabbage is gone. Made from cabbage this year, quite dense. I just cooked it longer.
Batter is a mixture of whole grain rye and flax flour.
I will repeat it tomorrow.
MariV, excellent result! Thanks for the pictures. Now I also make from ordinary cabbage.
Thanks for the recipe, it was fun to cook. Alas, I was convinced that I love long stewed cabbage.
Quote: VolzhankaD
Alas, I was convinced that I love long stewed cabbage.
Well. I learned something new about myself. Also good.
Quote: VolzhankaD
Alas, I was convinced that I love long stewed cabbage.
The fix is ​​elementary: cook a little longer. Which I did when I cooked the second time.
For the first time, I also put aside the undercooked particles.

tatyana1, Tatyana, I liked this cabbage, no hassle, and the result is delicious.
Kalyusya, Galina, thanks for sharing. I also regulate the cooking time according to the degree of hardness of the cabbage. Of course, it does not become stewed from this, but definitely soft.

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