Eggplant marinated in the Ninja grill (oven, AF)

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Marinated eggplants in the Ninja grill (oven, AF)


Eggplant 2
Garlic 1 tooth
Hot and common paprika 0.5 tsp each
Sea salt with herbs
Black pepper
Pomegranate sauce
Soy sauce and olive oil
Balsamico modena
Refueling 2
Balsamico modena

Cooking method

I must say right away that this can be done in an air fryer or oven.
We take the eggplant, cut off the butts, and cut it first in half, then in half again, and also in half along the long side. Each eggplant produces 8 slices.
Marinated eggplants in the Ninja grill (oven, AF)
Now we are preparing the gas station.
Three garlic or squeeze on a garlic press, a little honey, a little less than a teaspoon, a little pomegranate sauce, hot and sweet paprika, black pepper, sea salt with herbs, balsamic, soy sauce and olive oil, mix well in a large dose. We taste it, add the necessary ingredients to taste, I added salt.
Marinated eggplants in the Ninja grill (oven, AF)
Put chopped eggplants in a dose, mix with your hand so that they are all well saturated with the sauce. Set aside a minimum of half an hour.
Then we put it on a sheet, we have HK and put it on a preheated grill. Air Crisp 20 minutes.
Marinated eggplants in the Ninja grill (oven, AF)
I turned it off after 18 minutes and turned the eggplants in the process.
While the eggplants were being prepared, I made a second dressing, rubbed a creeper of garlic, again honey and balsamic, salt to taste.
Marinated eggplants in the Ninja grill (oven, AF)
She took out the eggplants, put them in a dose and sprinkled them with a teaspoon, trying to get the dressing on everything.
She carefully turned them around with her hand, because they were soft and did not want to break them. Sprinkled with green onions. Has cooled down.
Marinated eggplants in the Ninja grill (oven, AF)
And now you can serve it as a side dish for pork steak.
Marinated eggplants in the Ninja grill (oven, AF)


The dark eggplants are not because they are burnt, but from balsamic.

Wow, from the last photo, drool began to flow. Delicious!
Volgas, we liked it, however, I leaned more on eggplants, they tasted better to me than meat.
An interesting recipe.
Lerele I am sure that it is very tasty !!! I'm doing something similar in Korean, I will have to try your recipe, but is balsamic vinegar or some sauce?
Cook, it's vinegar. I have one piece left today, so delicious, I bought eggplant again

Take away the big quote, you can't

Lerele thanks !! Well done!!! You need to eat more vegetables !!!
Here I am with eggplants. And also with zucchini, cherry tomatoes and kupat. Everything is grilled.
Pickled eggplants according to the recipe. Delicious! And I just love zucchini in soy sauce with Provencal herbs.
Marinated eggplants in the Ninja grill (oven, AF)
My eggplants were ready in 10 minutes. But they weren't big.
Thanks for the next yummy, we will make sure to do it, I love them in all kinds!
caprice23, just shine, and even with sausages !!!
Rada-dms, deliciousness is never too much
Lerele, I did it too:
Marinated eggplants in the Ninja grill (oven, AF)
Delicious. Suitable both as a side dish and as an independent snack.
I baked in AFochka 160 degrees for 20 minutes.
Thanks for the recipe!
gala10, we also ate at once, delicious
You turned out beautiful
Marinated eggplants in the Ninja grill (oven, AF) Ira, brought the report! I have an assortment of vegetables: eggplants, zucchini and bell peppers. Delicious . I liked the eggplants the most, and my husband caught all the zucchini.
Cvetaal, oh tasty too with you !!!
And the main thing is not greasy, if you just fry, the eggplants absorb a lot, and then count a spoonful of oil for all the vegetables.
Thank you report. Only without pomegranate sauce. Ended up.Marinated eggplants in the Ninja grill (oven, AF)
Baked in the oven.
Nana, it turned out great, I'm sorry, I didn't notice right away.

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