Meze "Jazha Safra"

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Kitchen: arabic
Meze Jazha safra


dry lentils 75 g
turnip onion 1/2 pcs.
parsley 3-4 vet.
sesame 60 g
garlic 1 tooth.
olive oil 2 tbsp. l.
lemon juice 1 tbsp. l.
water 3-4 tbsp. l.
chicken fillet 250 g
salt taste
ground black pepper taste
Amba sauce 1-2 tbsp. l.
vegetable oil for frying

Cooking method

Meze Jazha safra
Pour over lentils with plenty of water. Cook until tender. Throw in a colander. Let the water drain. Cool lentils.
Meze Jazha safra
Lightly fry the sesame seeds in a dry frying pan. Place in a tall glass. Add salt, pepper, lemon juice, oil and water.
Meze Jazha safra
Meze Jazha safra
Fry the chicken fillet until tender. Transfer to a napkin to absorb the fat. Refrigerate.
Meze Jazha safra
Cut the fillet into cubes.
Meze Jazha safra
Finely chop the parsley and onion.
Meze Jazha safra
Put fillets, lentils, onions and parsley in a bowl. Add sesame paste and Sauce "Amba" (I didn't add sauce).
Meze Jazha safra
Mix everything. Submit with with Amba sauce
Meze Jazha safra

Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


What is meze?

A meze м or mezze in the Eastern Mediterranean is a collection of snacks or small dishes, often served with alcoholic beverages such as arak, ouzo, raki, raki, or various wines.
In Lebanese cuisine and in the Caucasus region, especially in Armenian and Georgian cuisine, these dishes are served as appetizers, as part of a larger dish. If the meze is not accompanied by alcohol, it is called the Arabic word mukabbilat.
In Turkey, meze is served with raki (aniseed aperitif) in establishments called meyhan. Turkish meze often consists of white cheese, melon, hot peppers with walnuts, yogurt, cold eggplant salad, artichokes, dolma, and meatballs.
In Greece, including Cyprus, meze is a small dish, hot or cold, often salted. Seafood is often served as a meze. The meze served in restaurants, called mezedepolion, is served with a complement, a drink such as ouzo.
Greek meze: plate of feta cheese flavored with olive oil and sprinkled with oregano, served with olives and bread
In Lebanon, meze is the national food. There are vegetarian, meat or fish meze. Various snacks are served on a plate several times, usually from five to ten. There is a standard sequence of serving dishes, usually olives, tahini, salads and yoghurts are served first, then dishes with vegetables and eggs. This is followed by small meat or fish dishes, and finally more substantial dishes such as grilled meat are served. Different establishments offer a variety of dishes, with their own characteristics, but the scheme remains the same. Naturally, different dishes are served at different times of the year, for example, at the end of autumn, snails are served instead of meat. Since a large number of dishes are served, it is not expected that each dish should be eaten completely.
In Serbia, meze can include cheese, kaymak (sour cream), salami, smoked ham, various types of bread, while in Bosnia and Herzegovina it usually consists of hard and cream cheeses, sour cream, dry meso (dried salted smoked beef), brine and sujuk (dry hot sausages).
An Albanian plate of meze usually consists of prosciutto (perforated ham), salami, pickled cheeses, accompanied by toasted paprika and / or olives.

I spied the recipe on the website "Povarenok". An interesting option. Unusual for us, but delicious. Recommend!

I don’t know what the Amba sauce tastes like, but I’ll definitely cook lentils!
Oksana, the taste is peculiar, like chutney.
Quote: Nana
I'll cook lentils
Nice salad turns out. The main thing is that the sesame seeds are fresh.
Quote: ang-kay

Oksana, the taste is peculiar, like chutney. Nice salad turns out. The main thing is that the sesame seeds are fresh.
Right now I'm looking for fresh on sale. I can't find something yet. And lentils are just one of the few dishes that you can eat with diabetes.
OksanaWhat is SD? I can't figure it out.
Quote: ang-kay

OksanaWhat is SD? I can't figure it out.
Diabetes mellitus, unfortunately. And obesity as a consequence.
I sympathize. Very sorry.

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