Sorrel cold chill, which ... spinach

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Sorrel cold chill, which ... spinach


Sorrel, I have spinach today 200-300g
Boiled eggs 3 pcs.
Ham 200g.
Fresh cucumber 2-3pcs.
Green onion bundle
Parsley dill taste
Salt pepper taste
Citric acid if using Spinach !!! taste

Cooking method

Summer continues, and with it the warmth, and sometimes unbearable heat, the sun and the desire if you eat something, then only cooling - illuminating, preferably low-calorie 😉.
To help us older, cold soups, windows and cold boxes.
I already talked about my okroshka, today another cold soup is next in line.
In the original there is sorrel, but this time I did not reach the market, and did not buy sorrel ... But in the freezer, I always have a supply of frozen spinach.
So, I share ...
Wash sorrel / spinach, chop finely and boil for 4-5 minutes.
If you used spinach, add lemon to a pleasant acidity. !!!
Cool the broth completely
Fold into a large saucepan:
Cut cucumbers, eggs, ham into cubes or strips. Add finely chopped parsley and dill.
Chop the green onion, add a little salt and grind until juice appears. Add to the pan. Pour all this beauty with chilled oxal / spinach goods, even out the taste for salt and acid.
Cool well.
Serve with sour cream and blackberries.
Sorrel cold chill, which ... spinach
Bon Appetit everyone!
Your Trishka!

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Trishka, Ksyusha, great fridge! Thank you! I also often use spinach instead of sorrel, I must try it cold.
Yarik, Yaroslavna, try it, it really tastes good, especially in the heat.
Trishka, thanks for the recipe. Sorrel with us in the daytime with fire can not be found, and from the spinach I have not guessed something. Right on time. It's hot. Just what is a little blackie?
Valerka, thanks for your attention, I will be glad if you like it.
Quote: Valerka
, yes, it seems like a well-known word ... Black bread.

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