Kislovodsk bread in the Gorenje BM 1600 WG bread machine

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Kislovodsk bread in the Gorenje BM 1600 WG bread machine


rye sourdough 60% moisture 60
rye flour 188
water 113
Soaked flax:
white linen (or brown) 49
water 97
Brewed Malt:
fermented rye malt 49
boiling water 97
dough 344
soaked flax whole
brewed malt whole
rye flour 65
peeled rye flour 260
water 173
nutmeg 1
salt 10
sugar (honey or molasses) 26
pressed yeast 1
prunes 97

Cooking method

Can be cooked both in HP and by hand
In the evening we put the dough, put it in a warm place with a temperature of 28-32 degrees, brew the malt and soak the flax. If it's hot, then add a small pinch of salt from the total to the flax.
We determine the readiness of the dough by its appearance, it rises well, loosened inside, and tastes sour.
When the dough is ready, we put all the ingredients, except for the prunes in the HP (or if you manually make it in a kneader or just in a cup). Add the prunes at the end of the batch. If the bread is baked, then you also need to add 30 grams of water.

Home made program: 1 mix - 20 min, 1 rise - 30 min, 2 mix - 0, 2 rise - 1 hour, 3 rise - 1 hour. I put the baking for 1 hour 20 minutes, but I checked it with a temperature probe, it was actually baked earlier, on a medium crust.
Rye dough does not mix well in HP, so all the time you need to actively help. Before final proofing, mold the top with a wet silicone spatula to make it even.

If you bake without HP, then kneading with a dough mixer - 20 minutes, manually - 40 minutes. The dough should be saturated with air.
Fermentation for 1.5 hours at 28-32 degrees
final proofing for at least an hour
Baking on a hearth at a temperature of bottom 250, top 300 - 25 min. with steam (1 min)
The recipe is taken from YouTube from Sergey Kirillov
Kislovodsk bread in the Gorenje BM 1600 WG bread machine
I didn’t wait to cool down and cut it hot, so the cut looks damp, but the bread is not really sticky. very tasty. Of course we have to wait. when it cools down, then cut and eat.
with a photo here, some glitch bread looks like this Kislovodsk bread in the Gorenje BM 1600 WG bread machine

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Cooking program:

Home made

Who can wait for it to cool down when such aromas are laid! Excellent composition and bread!
Olga Alekseeva
It is certainly tastier when cooled down. Especially the next day. Especially with butter and cheese. It's hard to resist not to make a second buter for yourself

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