Chicken baked in Ninja Foodi

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Chicken baked in Ninja Foodi


A hen

Cooking method

I haven’t made chicken in my favorite saucepan for a long time, forgot how to do it, climbed to look for it, didn’t find it, so I decided to make a recipe so as not to look for the time and program later.
We have a chicken recipe from Rada-dms, but there is a tiny chick, and I have a healthy maize chicken.
Wash the chicken, dry it, sprinkle with salt and put on the wire rack. Pour some water into a saucepan, I added dry oregano, a little white wine, salt. We put the wire rack in a saucepan.
I put it on Pressure program for 18 minutes, if the chicken is not so big (I have 1.4 kg), then you can 15 minutes.
At the end of the program, release the Pressure.
Chicken baked in Ninja Foodi
This is what the chicken looks like after the program.
Now we are preparing the glaze for the coating.
A little vegetable oil, honey, soy sauce, pomegranate sauce, dry garlic and basil, mix well.
Chicken baked in Ninja Foodi
We spread the chicken with a brush.
Air Crisp 20 minutes, 200 *.
During cooking, we drop in and adjust the time, if necessary.
Turn the chicken over in the middle.

Chicken baked in Ninja Foodi
We take out the chicken with the stand, it's more convenient.
Chicken baked in Ninja Foodi
Transfer to a plate and cut
Chicken baked in Ninja Foodi

While the chicken was cooking, wash the potatoes, dry them, put them in the microwave for 6 minutes.
We take out, add vegetable oil, salt with herbs and set the Air Crisp program for 5 minutes.
Serving and serving
Chicken baked in Ninja Foodi
Bon Appetit!!

Irina, how delicious your chicken looks, and the potatoes - in general, otpad👍!
Cvetaal, I often do potatoes like that, there are few things to do, the result is super!
And the recipe was already somewhere in the subject, I was looking for it, I did not find it, although I remember a photo of a chicken.
I did it to make it easy to search, nothing new, but close at hand.
Did the right thing!
I saw your awesome chicken, ordered two at Delicatesque. Moreover, Fudka is already with me, standing on the veranda!
Rada-dms, he is your traveler
It will be delicious for you, we really like the foody chicken, both soft and with a crust.
Well, potatoes are generally a song, and to do it once or twice, the main thing is not to peel

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