Pineapple salad

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Pineapple salad


Chicken meat
Canned pineapple
Fresh cucumber
Walnuts for decoration

Cooking method

A couple of years ago I tried one salad in a cafe. And I liked him very much. I also offer you a recipe for this salad. I don't write the number of ingredients, as I did everything by eye and to taste.

Boil the chicken meat and cut into cubes.
Chop the champignons at random and fry.
Cut pineapples, cucumber and kiwi into cubes.
Mix mayonnaise with grated garlic.
Put all prepared foods in a bowl, add mayonnaise and mix.
Put the salad on a pineapple-shaped dish. Decorate with nut halves and kiwi wedges or herbs.
Bon Appetit!

Volgas, Svetlana, I also love this salad.

Only without mushrooms.

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