Octopus (basic recipe)

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Octopus (basic recipe)


Octopus fresh Any quantity

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Octopus (basic recipe)

Quite a few octopuses were harvested and cooked. Lots of recipes have been tried. They are all good in their own way and each has drawbacks. I wanted to find the perfect, reliable recipe that will never misfire. I think I found it and share it with pleasure with you.
We take fresh octopus. We clean it if it is not gutted. To do this, remove the beak, a bag with all sorts of entrails from the head. Further, if the octopus is very large, then we separate the head and tentacles. Preheat the oven to maximum. At this time, we put the octopus in a container with a lid; instead of a lid, you can use foil. The capacity can be any, even a basin, as long as it fits into the oven. When cooking, a lot of liquid is released, the larger the octopus, the more of it, so the container must be with sides.
Octopus (basic recipe)
Cover with a lid or foil.
Octopus (basic recipe)
We put the pan in a preheated oven for 25-30 minutes.
Octopus (basic recipe)
After the cooking time has elapsed, do not open the oven until it (oven) has cooled down. For example, in the evening I put the octopus in the oven - I took it out in the morning, or put it in the morning - I took it out in the evening. This takes approximately 6-8 hours.

This is how the octopus shrinks so much.
Octopus (basic recipe)
This is already cooked octopus
Octopus (basic recipe)
This is a basic recipe. Further flight of your imagination. Can be cut into slices, seasoned with soy sauce, butter to taste. You can and simply eat an uncut tentacle, with a skin, or without. The skin from the prepared tentacle is removed like a glove. It is necessary to grasp the thick end with one hand, and with the other hand, firmly holding the tentacle, pull down along with the skin.

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What I like about this recipe:

Suitable for any amount of octopus that can fit in the oven.
The weight and size of the octopus only affect the choice of dishes in which cooking will take place.
Suitable for both freshly caught and frozen (requires preliminary defrosting).
Minimum utensils used
Excellent results are always guaranteed. The octopus turns out to be soft, tender, the taste is revealed in all its glory.

liz.orlova, it remains to catch octopuses
I like octopuses, I always take them, if possible, in restaurants.
But I have nowhere to take it, so at least read how they cook it.
Thank you!!
j @ ne
An interesting approach, but we always somehow get it, if an octopus is caught, then there is no oven in close access, therefore, in the old fashioned way, we cook-cook-cook in sea water.

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