Chamomile salad.

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Chamomile salad.


Canned fish, I have saury 1 can
boiled rice 400g.
Crab sticks 200g.
Boiled eggs 5 pieces.
Grated cheese 50-100g.
Mayonnaise on demand

Cooking method

Delicious and easy to prepare salad with fish.
Suitable for both a festive table and a family dinner.
So let's get started ...
Free the fish from bones, mash with a fork.
Cut the crab sticks into small cubes.
Divide eggs into whites and yolks, grate.
Fold the salad in layers, smearing with mayonnaise:
Fish - rice - yolks - crabsticks - cheese - proteins. Decorate as desired. I left some grated yolks and tried to portray "Chamomile".

Chamomile salad.
Bon Appetit everyone !
Chamomile salad.
Your Trishka!

The dish is designed for

Dish 26cm

Class !! I love your simple and delicious recipes !! Thank you, Ksyushenka!!
No chopsticks, but tomorrow the store is on schedule, so I'll buy it !!
zvezda, Ol, always glad to please, I'm waiting with.
Trishka, wonderful! You just looked in my refrigerator. A can of canned fish has been sunning for a long time.
Quote: Ikra
looked into my refrigerator
I am so, I can ...

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