Fried Noodles "Two-color"

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Fried Noodles Two-color


Spiderweb noodles
Any oil

Cooking method

Fried Noodles Two-color
Fried noodles "Two-color" was invented and performed on March 29, 2020, in the city of Alma-Ata. It is not easier to prepare it.
First (I took the "cobweb") part of it is fried in a pan until the desired shade appears, then the rest is added to it, now the contents of the pan are poured with plain water so that it gains the volume befitting it, that is, it swells, now it is boiled in the pan from the beginning, and then the two-color noodles are fried.
When ready, the dish is sprinkled with green onions or herbs to taste or according to the season.
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