Curd pancakes (almost PP)

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Curd pancakes (almost PP)


soft cottage cheese (preferably homemade, juicy) 150 g
sour cream up to 15% fat 100 g
or natural yogurt (not drinking)
eggs C1 2 pcs
rice flour 140 g
baking powder 1 tsp
sweetener taste

Cooking method

After the last recipe, I have a new favorite - curd pancakes. They turn out to be something in between pancakes - simple pancakes and cheese cakes. They are very delicate in taste, airy, fluffy. In addition, they are healthy, since they contain cottage cheese and rice flour and are fried, one might say, without oil. By the way, the cottage cheese does not taste, it is given out only by grains.
One portion turns out 12 pieces, my son (4 years old) eats such a portion himself)))
We mix cottage cheese, sour cream (most often I do it on natural yogurt 3.85%), sugar 2 tbsp. l. (if you are doing it directly useful, then instead of sugar - sweetener to taste) and eggs. We combine until homogeneous. I do this with a medium hand mixer speed.
Add flour with baking powder. We connect again so that there are no lumps from flour. By the way, I like it better when the flour is half-and-half rice and wheat)
Let the dough rest for 10 minutes.
After the specified time has elapsed, grease the preheated pan with literally a drop of oil (we just need to grease it, you can use a brush, not pour oil). Do not interfere with the dough !!! We spread out one tablespoon of dough and fry under a lid on both sides.
Bon Appetit!
Unfortunately, the photo of the break from the phone was removed, only this remained, but, I think, the inner world of the tender girl is clear
Curd pancakes (almost PP)


Several times there was not enough rice flour and I added wheat flour - 50/50 - also delicious.

What fuzzies I haven't baked with rice flour yet, thanks for the recipe, I took it!
Quote: Trishka

What fuzzies I haven't baked with rice flour yet, thanks for the recipe, I took it!
to health. They are our favorites now. This week, kids generally ask them all the time))) Tomorrow I'll go again for cottage cheese
Maroshka, thanks for the recipe! Pancakes look appetizing. I'll bookmark the recipe for now.
Thanks, great recipe. Did it twice already. Only liquids (yoghurt) each time almost 2 times more. Otherwise, my flour and cottage cheese are very thick.
Quote: moleka
almost 2 times more each time. Otherwise, my flour and cottage cheese are very thick.
well, yes, the flour is really different, and the cottage cheese, we have it very juicy compared to Russian

And mine are like that! ..
Did the double rate.
The family begged for the whole dish! (No ... the dish itself survived, fortunately))
Thanks for the recipe, made it savory. They ate with jam, sour cream, honey - whatever your heart desires! He will live with us!
Curd pancakes (almost PP)
Quote: mamusi
Thanks for the recipe, made it savory
did you add any sweetener or sugar to your health?
Quote: Maroshka
did you add any sweetener or sugar at all?
We like it so much. The structure came out awesome.
One of these days I will repeat - I will take a picture of the break)))
I fry the usual cheesecakes like that - without sugar!
(I now have only two ingredients in them: cottage cheese and semolina. It turns out great!)
Then everyone eats with their favorite "topping" (as it is now fashionable to say)
Thanks again!

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