Hush Puppies at Ninja Foodi

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Hush Puppies at Ninja Foodi


egg SB 1 PC.
cream 20% (can be replaced with sour cream) 120 g
vinegar 9% (exclude if sour cream is used) 1 tbsp. l.
sugar 15 g
onion powder 8 g
salt 5 g
smoked paprika 1/4 tsp
baking powder 5 g
corn flour 160 g
Wheat flour 110 g
canned or frozen corn 100 g
some sugar for sprinkling 1 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

Hush Puppies at Ninja Foodi
If we use sour cream, then mix it with an egg. I have cream like the original recipe. Add a spoonful of vinegar to the cream and leave for 1 minute. Then add the egg. Mix thoroughly.
Hush Puppies at Ninja Foodi
Add onion powder, paprika and salt.
Hush Puppies at Ninja Foodi
Add two types of flour and baking powder. We mix. Add corn. Form balls the size of a walnut, lightly sprinkle with sugar.
Hush Puppies at Ninja Foodi
Place the balls in a crispy basket and sprinkle with vegetable oil. The pan was preheated at T-210 degrees for 10 minutes.
Hush Puppies at Ninja Foodi
The total baking time is 10 minutes. After 5 minutes, the balls should be turned over.
Hush Puppies at Ninja Foodi

Cooking program:

Air fry


A source:
And some information from the Internet:
"Hashpappi are small, deep-fried cornmeal donuts. Traditionally, they are served in the southern regions of the United States as a side dish for fish, seafood or barbecues. Hashpappi (English hush, puppy!) Got its funny name, presumably , from hunters who, during the hunt, so that their hungry dogs would not bark and scare away prey, threw pieces of toasted corn dough to them.There are several more versions of the origin of the name, but in all stories the ending was the same - the dog was calmed by throwing a corn ball to it. "

What interesting donuts.
Thank you, Galya!
Interesting donuts.
Cvetaaland what is a crispy basket?
Olga, this is a ninja basket. We have a topic for these devices. The Ninja family of kitchen appliances The first post has photos of crispy grill baskets and casseroles.
Cvetaal, Ah ..... now it's clear
Cvetaal, very interesting donuts, will they cope a little ?? Because of the corn?
And a great idea to do a little in the basket, just to eat once. I would like them to go with mashed potatoes

Oroma, They can be used in an air fryer, in a cousin, and in an oven with air only on the grill, if it is necessary to turn them over according to the recipe.
Lerele, yes, there is little sweetness. They don't look like donuts at all, closer to the liver. But this, I think, is due to the method of preparation. If you deep-fry, in the classic way, we get donuts. Look at the source, I gave a link to the video above.
Cvetaal, here I am about pumpkin puree soup and thought for some reason, this would go to him with a hint of sweetness. I will have to buy corn, and corn flour, I don't have it. I’ll make donuts as a soup.
I will not fry in fat, this is not even discussed, although the donuts are real, it was deep-fried that I was very respected in my time. I don't eat now.
Quote: Lerele
I'm talking about pumpkin puree soup and thought for some reason, this would go with him with a hint of sweetness.
We went well with tea too
Gorgeous donuts !!!
Here, indeed, are the original donuts! It will be necessary to do it! Thanks for bringing an interesting recipe, Svetochka!
Rada-dms, Olya, and thank you for stopping by

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