Chicken ventricles confit

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Chicken ventricles confit


chicken stomachs 1 kg
medium onion 3 pcs
garlic 6 teeth
black peppercorns 1 tsp
Bay leaf 2 pcs
lemon / orange zest 1 tsp
vegetable oil 2 tbsp. spoons
butter 150g
salt ~ 8g

Cooking method

  • Clean the stomachs from the cuticles, rinse.
  • Cut the peeled onion into large enough cubes.
  • Cut the peeled garlic in half.
  • In a bowl combine stomachs, onions, garlic, lemon / orange peel, vegetable oil, 1 chopped bay leaf, half an onion, salt, add peppercorns, vegetable oil. Mix well. To cover with a lid. Leave to marinate overnight or overnight. I put it in the refrigerator.
  • Transfer to a baking dish before cooking, add bay leaf and remaining onion. Top with sliced ​​butter. Bake at 170 degrees for 3 hours. I cooked in a slow cooker on a simmer for 4 hours. Do not stir the food during cooking, do not remove the lid.
  • Delicious.

Time for preparing:

3-4 hours

Cooking program:

Simmering, extinguishing


Confit (from French confit) is a method of cooking in French cuisine: slow simmering of products (most often poultry or meat), completely immersed in fat, at a low temperature.

Recipe from Elena Nekrasova.

Tatyana, but how does the zest feel?
Quote: celfh
slow simmering of products
I think it will be good in slow motion!
Tanya, thanks for the recipe, with the past!
Kooonfii .. Looks delicious.

Quote: Giraffe
but how does the zest feel?
Very nice. I braised veal with finely chopped lemon slices.
celfh, very fOTA appetizing, I really wanted it, I can imagine how delicious
Quote: Giraffe
but how does the zest feel?
Tatyana, together with the crumbled bay leaf, the taste is very interesting, but definitely not orange.
Quote: Trishka
I think it will be good in slow motion
Ksyusha, I think so too

Quote: Kalyusya
I braised veal with finely chopped lemon slices.
Galina, there was such a thought, but we do not eat lemons, we need a teaspoon of zest, and a lemon to throw away, so I decided to stop at an orange and, in principle, did not regret it.

Quote: ok
what yummy
Tatyana, delicious
Tatiana, thanks for the recipe. I will definitely try, but for now - bookmark.
Tatiana, thank you so much! The ventricles are the softest, creamy, cooking is not at all troublesome! I made the dish "at night", didn't take a picture, and then they ate everything!
Jeanne, to your health!

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