Kas Narayda
Advise a simple reliable bread maker. There is no experience of acquaintance with bread makers yet. I need a device in which you put the components, turn it on, set it up, start it up, and at the exit you get rye or rye-wheat bread. I would also like to cook in it yeast-free bread with kefir or water. That's it, nothing else is needed.
Of course, I would like an inexpensive model. Are there still such in nature?
Quote: Kas Narayda
and at the end you get rye or rye-wheat bread.
It needs programmable HP. Increased proofing time, baking time and baking T are required.
Quote: Kas Narayda
I would also like to cook yeast-free bread in it
that is, on leaven? For sourdough bread, you need what I have already said above
Kas Narayda
And for ordinary bread with yeast, what would you advise?
Quote: Kas Narayda
And what do you recommend for ordinary bread with yeast?
I advise only Panasonic, albeit second-hand, for bread with yeast the best HP, I saw a lot of ovens, tasted bread from them, in Panasonic the bread is the best, the bucket is the best, the quality is the best.

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