Whole pickled peppers

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Whole pickled peppers


Small Bulgarian pepper 1-4 kg
Sugar 1 stack.
Salt 2 tbsp. l.
Grows. oil 1 stack.
Vinegar 9% 300-350 ml
Bay leaf 5-6 pcs.
Allspice peas 8-10 pcs.
Water 2 l

Cooking method

  • For this recipe, you need to choose thick-walled peppers, small in size and with a tail. The color of the piano does not play. It is best to take this pepper
  • Wash the pepper especially carefully near the stalk, I use an old toothbrush. Do not trim the tails! If too long, then you can shorten it.
  • Next, we arm ourselves with a fork in the right hand, take the pepper in the left and - two blows eight holes! - we prick the pepper in a circle, without much fanaticism, 5-6 injections are enough.
  • Prepare sterilized jars and lids, the volume of the jars and the type of lids at your discretion.
  • Well, everything is ready, now the process itself.
  • In a large saucepan, make a marinade from water, salt, sugar, vinegar and oil. Bring the marinade to a boil and dip the peppers in batches. Cook over medium heat, stirring the pepper, until it is elastic, this is about 10-15 minutes. The cooking time depends on the pepper, the degree of filling the pan, fire. Do not digest! Put the finished pepper in jars, gently crush, then pour boiling marinade and roll up. Flip the banks. No need to wrap up!
  • The process is continuous: boiled the pepper, put as much as it was in the jar, covered it with a lid, cook new pepper, reported it to the jar, carefully trampled it, and so on until the jar was filled. Then they poured the marinade and rolled it up.
  • If the marinade is not enough, you can make another 0.5-1 l and add. Or pour into a smaller saucepan and cook the peppers until finished. If the marinade remains, I pour it into a jar and store it in the refrigerator until next time.
  • From 4 kg of pepper, 2 cans of 3 liters are obtained. The recipe is very convenient because you can take cans of any size.
  • I will add. When the jars are filled with pepper to the top, do not rush to seal them, just cover with a lid. After half a minute or a minute, the brine will be absorbed into the pepper and settle, add boiling from the pan. Look at my cans in the photo: under the rolled-up lid, the pickle has settled, the peppers are bare, and in cans with twist-off lids I have topped up the pickle a couple of times. Without the brine, the peppers in the jar will be edible, but will simply darken and not so appetizing in appearance.
  • The fact that the banks are not immediately sealed does not play any role in storage, it has been proven for decades!

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Stove, handles


This recipe was written down in my notebook 30 years ago, since then every year I have been making at least a few jars. Fast non-staining preparation.

I will quote myself from a letter to a Canadian friend.
... And then in winter, when boiled potatoes are smoking on the table, fried chicken smells invitingly, you take out a jar of pepper, uncork it and put the pepper in a deep salad bowl. And take this pepper by the tail, carefully (!) Bite off the very tip at the bottom and divine marinade will pour into your mouth! and then you will eat this pepper, holding the tail, until the very end, well, except for seeds, of course.
And men love to bite off a whole pepper after a glass and drink juice ... FOOD OF THE GODS !!!

Py. sy. No, well, I met, of course, people who perverted over the recipe - peeled and cut the peppers into strips / halves and further in the text. But believe me that a whole pepper is worth it !!!
Py. py. sy. Stands for years in an apartment in a closet, does not deteriorate, does not explode. CHECKED !!!

Oh, a very effective recipe, especially for bright peppers - red, orange and yellow.
You take the pepper by the tail and yum, the world zakuson turns out
Svetlana, I added a note there, just about that.
We must try to do this with a Rutund ... Thank you!
Quote: Kapet

We must try to do this with a Rutund ... Thank you!
Our ratunda is sold mainly peninsular and sharp. I do not know....
Quote: svetta
Our ratunda is sold mainly peninsular and sharp.
I have not yet seen a sharp or semi-sharp ratunda ... Dusty probably ... In our bazaar they sell normal sweet meaty ...
Constantin, for some reason it is the peninsular that is grown here in the Dnieper. This is not cross-pollination, it is such a variety. I have a recipe in my profile with such a round, look, a very tasty salad.
svetta, I will definitely look!

Ratunda, aka gogoshar, are widespread in Romania, Moldova, Hungary.

Well, the taste made it a favorite home dish of a good half of humanity. Its sweetness is not cloying, although there is a somewhat honey flavor. And at the same time, it is sharper than the usual bell pepper, but, of course, not a competitor to the "chili" pepper (the sharpness is mild, so to speak).

Another feature of such a pepper is the ability to "cohabit" with hot pepper, when, as a result of cross-pollination, a hybrid with super-sharp fruits takes place, which also finds itself a well-known culinary application.

Source Mega Vegetable Garden: 🔗

Well, I don't know, it's straight ... I've never come across an acute ratunda ... Probably lucky ...
I love Ratunda, but in this recipe it is inconvenient to bite off it - round
Quote: Zeamays
I love Ratunda, but in this recipe it is inconvenient to bite off it - round
Quote: svetta
And take this pepper by the tail, carefully (!) Bite off the very tip at the bottom and divine marinade will pour into your mouth!
Yes, you will have to insert a cocktail tube into the ratunda ...
svetta, a familiar recipe from childhood! My mother only covered such a pepper. And at the beginning of my family life, I also cooked such a pepper every year, exactly whole, with seeds. But then she began to roll it in honey marinade, and I forgot this recipe. Just yesterday I again collected 3 buckets of sweet peppers, among them a lot of small ones. I've already rolled it up enough in a honey marinade, and I don't want to cut a trifle. So I remembered that you can boil a whole one. While I put it in the boxes so that I could pick the colors, then I will sort and make several jars. But I see you twisted the caps. Is it worth it? I still always trust the seaming more.
Nelya, I will be glad if you make at least a little of such a pepper, it is very tasty!
The twist-off covers do not bother me at all, I do not divide the covers according to reliability, I use it calmly. Of course, I check each twist before rolling, pour water and turn the can over.
By the way, now Varus threw off 50% of the price of all caps, I bought the usual seaming 50 pcs. and twist 20pcs. at half price. I stock up like this every fall until next fall.
Sveta,and Jimmy Nardello's paprika (seemingly bitter long) is also very tasty, it is checked.
Borkovna, well, how will you write! You can find simple fig paprika at the bazaar, and then there's some kind of Jimmy Nardello ... Recently I came from the market, saw paprika for the first time in the summer, about half a kilo somewhere. I twisted it and left, it’s unusual for me, I don’t know where to attach it.
Svetta, I specially wrote the name of the paprika variety. For some reason, I can't insert a photo .. so if someone is interested in it, they will look at the name of the variety on the Internet. Several years ago it first appeared in our country, and now it is already possible to purchase seeds and grow (if there is even a little land). The bushes stand as if they were glued on.
Tatyanka Spiridonova
svetta, thanks for the recipe))) My husband loves pickled peppers (stuffed, fresh on the spirit does not stand, but pickled very much))) I have not inserted a photo for a long time, I don’t understand how to make it. I will report to my taste on the winter)))) Thanks again))))
svetta, thanks for the recipe! Pepper was not even going to close, but saw and focused
Here is the report
Whole pickled peppers
This is the second batch.
By the way, on the remnants of the marinade, I make pickled eggplants for the second time. I cooked a little, about 5.
I put coarsely chopped eggplants into the marinade (into 4 pieces lengthwise and then 1.5-2 cm across), cook until soft, put them in a colander. Then I add salt, sugar, butter to taste. Another thinly chopped onion, a clove of garlic and herbs (parsley or cilantro). It can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time. Delicious!
I saw the recipe on YouTube, but I don't want to cook the marinade, there is a ready-made one.
Elenawhat beautiful jars! But about eggplants, a special thank you, for some reason I did not think of this interesting way of cooking. I will definitely do it, I love that.
Svetlana, yes, I myself have recently "found" such a method. Very simple and quick, it looks like pickled mushrooms, but tastier.)))
Today I bought a pepper and quite by accident I came across this recipe. I made a 3-liter bottle and a liter can. Thanks for the recipe. In the summer, I often make peppers, then fry garlic, oil, vinegar. My grandmother always did that. Then bam and the recipe was drawn. I think we will like it in winter. Photo in the process of witchcraft.)))Whole pickled peppers

You can't turn it over. the essence is clear.
IrinaThank you for trusting the recipe. I'm sure this pepper will delight you in winter.
Last year I made it in a 1 liter plastic bucket. There the lid just closes tightly. Stood in the refrigerator for a couple of months. The pepper is very tasty!
Oksana, thanks for the tip! I didn't think to hold it in a plastic container for food in the refrigerator. By the end of the season, I have no glass jars left, and containers would be very helpful. Good hint.
Sveta, I will also use the example okcin, and will make for storage in the refrigerator. If a large volume, then the peppers according to the recipe Gayane I did it in a plastic 5-liter sour cream bucket (we sell it cheaply).
Elya, the saleswoman from the kiosk gives me such buckets of sour cream for free, she has this non-returnable container. I have a dozen of them, and for the house and in the country, the thing is very convenient! And there are also 3 and 3.5 liters, also cool. Here in a three-liter one and I will do it in the fall, it takes up less space in the refrigerator.
Svetta, it was so appetizingly told that I wanted to try, especially since today I wanted to remove the pepper from several bushes, but put it off the next day so that it could be sliced ​​and frozen right away, and it won’t be what happened
Only one question, is it very sharp?
Catherine, but where does the sharpness come from? There is no bitter pepper in the recipe here. Pickled pepper flavor, very balanced as my preference.
Roll up at least one liter jar, it will be on trial. Make the marinade for 1 liter and cook in a small saucepan. In winter you will tell.
Svetta, I'm interested in vinegar, my gastritis, he even respects in small quantities, in borscht, for example, and I haven't made marinades for thirty years, if you really want to, it's easier to buy one jar. Basically, I have a simple pickle, but ... I want something like that ... in liter ones and I want to try the most suitable container size so that the half-eaten does not stagnate. Thanks, I will try. Then I'll tell you about my impressions
PY. SY. With your addition to the recipe, you made a serious competitor to Pan Khalyavsky, as presented by Kvitko-Osnovyanenko I love this book very much, although the appetite after ...

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