Zucchini roll with cheese and sun-dried tomatoes

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Zucchini roll with cheese and sun-dried tomatoes


Zucchini 800 g
Eggs 5 pieces
Flour (wheat + corn 80/20) 250 g
Salt, including pepper 1/2 tsp each
Dill (parsley) 100 g
Sour cream 20-25% 200 g
Cheese 100 g
Sun-dried tomatoes (I have mine) 8 pcs
Garlic 6 cloves

Cooking method

  • Zucchini roll with cheese and sun-dried tomatoesGrate the zucchini, mix with salt, leave for 10 minutes, squeeze out a little, transfer to a container, add all the other ingredients and mix well until smooth (without fanaticism)
    Zucchini roll with cheese and sun-dried tomatoesPut the mass on a baking sheet or a silicone mat (like mine) and put it in the oven at 180 * (I do not heat it up, I bake on convection)
    Zucchini roll with cheese and sun-dried tomatoesAt this time, mix everything for the filling. You can add curd cheese, which I will do next time.
    Zucchini roll with cheese and sun-dried tomatoesRemove from the oven and let cool slightly.
    Zucchini roll with cheese and sun-dried tomatoesPut the filling, tomatoes on top and roll into a roll.

The dish is designed for

1 roll

Time for preparing:

1 hour

Cooking program:

Combine (mixer, shovel) oven


Very delicate and lightweight. Good both cold and hot.

Olya, stole a piece of roll
Light, to your health !!
What a roll, dragged away in !!!
Olga, thanks for the recipe!
Ksyusha, Thank you!!
Olya, wonderful recipe, thanks for MK, I want not a piece, but at least half, I know the size, I have the same mat, I urgently need to look for zucchini
Svetik, Thank you!! Take it, I'm still sculpting
A very simple recipe, you can easily knead with your hands ..
Wow! You can clearly see how gentle he is!
I took away a piece, we must leave ours too
Olyawhat a wonderful roll! The sun-dried tomatoes are over, otherwise I would have done it right away. We still need to force it on. And the neighbors slapped zucchini on caviar a hundred-oh-oh-oh-lko !!!
Thanks for the recipe!
Well, late I looked here, the whole roll was already taken away ... I'll have to do it myself, but there are no sun-dried tomatoes either, and therefore I take the recipe to my piggy bank. Olya, thanks for the recipe! I will definitely prepare a roll

when the tomatoes are sun-dried, as you do, I curl. And now I have berries for processing - my husband brought lingonberries, and my sister planted blackberries.

Marina, Tashenka, Anna, girls, thank you, attention to the recipe
It's just now it's time for zucchini, and how to make it quickly and tasty is always a question I saw somewhere, but did not write it down, but I myself have already experimented .. and the result is very tasty! And sun-dried tomatoes in general were not in the recipe just for the ideas of self-savoring, and Galin's rug should not be idle ...
Great recipe! Thank you!
Irina F
Olya! I really want it !!!!!
Must be cooked! And, if made on rice flour or other gluten-free, in general beauty !!!
Quote: Irina F
if made with rice flour
It will be great, but I like it so much on corn, Ira, of course do it !! You can do pretty well
Quote: Nastasya78
Great recipe!
Nastya Thank you!!

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