Fried eggs in zucchini with vegetables

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Fried eggs in zucchini with vegetables


zucchini rings on demand
eggs by the number of eaters and their needs
vegetable mixture, can be frozen optional
salt taste
oil for frying, you can without it

Cooking method

  • Fried eggs in zucchini with vegetablesCut the courgettes into rings, remove the skin and clean the core. Zucchini with a hard crust, not zucchini, is ideal in both size and density. Well, letting overgrown people go to this dish is a nice thing. Fry the rings on one side in oil, or in a dry, non-stick frying pan.
    Fried eggs in zucchini with vegetablesFry on one side until cooked by a third, turn over and drive an egg into the ring.
    Fried eggs in zucchini with vegetablesSprinkle with vegetable mixture, if desired, cover and reduce heat.
    Fried eggs in zucchini with vegetablesWhen the protein turns white, turn off the heat. In this case, a completely prepared protein and a thickened yolk are obtained. But if you are not a fan of soft-boiled eggs, then you can hold on the fire until the degree of readiness you need.
    Fried eggs in zucchini with vegetablesWe put it on a plate and invite our family and friends to the table. And they will salt everything for themselves, to taste.
    Fried eggs in zucchini with vegetablesHere I specifically showed that the yolk is thick.
    This dish (as it is said loudly) can also be cooked in the oven.

The dish is designed for

according to need and appetite

Time for preparing:


Cooking program:

frying, baking


An ideal dish for adherents of proper nutrition, as it is now fashionable to say PP. And if you still cook without oil ...
For me personally, this is just a delicious and balanced dish. Egg is a source of complete protein, vegetables, vitamins and fiber.
Vegetables, with this method, turn out a little, just a little undercooked. But at the same time they retain their taste and light crunchiness, which is what I like.

Bon Appetit! Cook with love for yourself and your loved ones.

Tatyana, great, I was just thinking how else to diversify the obligatory morning consumption of 2 eggs. Thank you. I took it.
I would be glad if you like it.
Tatyana, interesting, let's try.
Try it. I, now, have a squash period

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