Mini zucchini casseroles in the microwave

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Mini zucchini casseroles in the microwave


squash 330 g
cheese 30 g
egg 1 PC
Rye flour 30 g
salt pepper taste

Cooking method

  • Grind zucchini, without fanaticism in a blender. In a glass with knives. I grind cheese in the same way. Any cheese is good, as long as it is cheese. We do not buy a cheese product and, therefore, I cannot say how it will behave in a casserole.
  • If the zucchini is very juicy, then drain the juice and use it to bake bread, rolls, or just drink.
  • I add the rest of the ingredients, mix quickly and put them in the silicone molds, put them in the microwave. With a power of 900 watts, I cook for 7 minutes. And you look at your microwave and the size of the molds.
  • While my used dishes, and what to wash it with a blender and a cup with a fork, delicious and tender casseroles are ready.
  • From silicone molds, they easily slide out onto plate saucers and, adding your favorite sauce, you can start eating them.
  • I like it with homemade sour cream. Daughter and son eat just like that. Even with your hands. I, as the most cultured one, use a fork. I like not to separate tender pieces, to bathe in sour cream and then enjoy.
  • Not a drop of oil makes it possible to classify this cooking method as a dietary one.
  • They are very tasty when warm, they never lived to be cold, so I can't say how they taste when cold.
  • Mini zucchini casseroles in the microwave

The dish is designed for

9 pieces

Time for preparing:

7 minutes

Cooking program:

microwave 900 w


Quick to prepare and easy to eat and stomach-friendly.
If desired, you can add garlic, but we like it more, without it.
Bon Appetit!

Elena Vasilisovna
Tatyana, a great recipe. Thank you. I will definitely use it. Right today
Giraffe, just ate, in an hour and a half I'll go to cook. Zucchini are fed up with slices with tomatoes. Although also delicious.
TatyanaThank you, I made it, I liked it, the taste of rye bread, I ate the whole portion in one person.
Elenanice to read this

Elena Vasilisovna, Chamomile, I, today, will end soon
Tanya, it's delicious, but I'm a bastard, I oversalted, I suppose I fell in love, and did not wring it out well, it turned out damp inside. But I will still bake, delicious and the taste is so pleasant because of the rye flour.
I, today, did not press at all. The zucchini was not very juicy. Rather, lay a bit. And rye flour, who would have thought that it would give such a touch.
Mini zucchini casseroles in the microwave And this is today. Thanks again!
What neat stars turned out.
The recipe seems to be not confusing, you need to prepare and, of course, unsubscribe.
I wonder who will cook you or me?
GiraffeHow successfully I entered the site today, I will completely change my menu !!!! A very interesting recipe. I'll try. Thank you.
Try it while there are seasonal ones. Winter, not that coat

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